The 7 Magical Steps to Activating Your Soul Abundance

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Hi! I AM Pam

Since the transitional time in my life, I have embraced my gifts and am living in my light as I help other souls find their mission, heal their hearts and souls, and open the doorway to the wisdom that is within them. I believe that every soul has the power to heal.


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Are you ready to transform every area of your life? With energy coaching and intuitive healing, I guide your soul to find healing, balance, peace, and love.

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Awareness of Spirit – Noticing the Signs

06th August, 2020

I am a medium, and I communicate with spirits every day. I know it may seem like I have a superpower but being a medium just means that I am kind of the messenger, the interpreter for spirits on the other side of the veil. Everyone receives messages from spirits, not just people like me … Continue reading Awareness of Spirit – Noticing the Signs

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Healing Journey – 11 Powerful Mantras to Heal Your Soul

15th July, 2020

Healing Journey 11 Powerful Mantras to Heal Your Soul Soul healing comes in many forms and avenues and is something that is an individualistic journey for each person.  Healing often does not come in just one session or one moment of opening to the light which is within each of us. The process of finding … Continue reading Healing Journey – 11 Powerful Mantras to Heal Your Soul

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Welcome Souls!

Your soul has amazing light energy, and it is time to show the world who you are! I want you to believe in your soul and know that you can create any life you choose to design.

Pick up your paintbrush and create your soul masterpiece as you learn about your soul energy, your intuitive connection to the divine source of love and light, and to the strength and wisdom which only you bring to the world.

You are a powerful soul. I believe in you, now it is time for YOU to believe in you.

Pam Barosh is an author, energy and life coach, and intuitive healer who is passionate about helping souls create better lives as they live each day from the energy of their soul and connect to other souls through love.


I AM a beautiful soul.

I AM open to the healing power of love energy.

I AM a bright light which SHINES for others to see.

I AM infinitely abundant and connected to my spiritual gifts.

I AM strong and courageous as I follow my soul path.

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Follow the Spirit of Your Heart Through Meditation and Awareness

Meditation is hearing your own inner voice, and that voice begins with the energy of your heart chakra. You can awaken to this power within and learn how to listen by starting with awareness of who you are.


Latest News & Events

Check out my latest podcast interview: Heart Space Living with Evan McDermod on The Fifth Dimension. He has an awesome podcast where he talks about the greater awakening of our hearts and our true purpose in life.