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Releasing Energy to Heal

Releasing Energy to Heal:

Move With Your Emotions to Heal Your Heart and Soul

There are moments in life when your heart and soul become aware of the deep healing needed to move forward. Even if, for years, you have avoided the issues which have caused you the greatest pain and which have opened the most profound emotions, there comes a time when you must go within and look at what needs healing. There is a protective mechanism inside the soul which keeps those emotions hidden, which does not reveal the damage, the hurt, and the shattered walls.

Your soul may feel that it is a weakness to show the real you and what you have been through in this life. It is far easier to look away from the pain than it is to gaze right into its eyes, but when you do, know that releasing that energy from that experience, the trauma, the event that left your heart a little broken, is the path which leads towards the light, which leads towards the love which you have within.

Release the Energy of Yesterday

Releasing this energy which you have carried as though you are its caretaker, begins with acknowledging the light which comes from the letting go. When you can focus on the light, then you are focusing on hope, and bringing in that healing energy to expand on the experiences within your heart and soul.

As you begin this acknowledgement, then you begin to feel the pain, the anger, the guilt, and the regrets which have become a part of your world, but are not of you, yet they enmesh with your soul. In the process of releasing these parts of your soul, you “feel” everything, you feel all the hidden layers of your soul. In this feeling, this moment of knowing that you have much within your soul for which you do not wish to keep, you may shed a few tears, feel angry or confused, or feel that you do not know how to hold on to that light, that love.

You Free Your Soul in the Release

As the tears, which are energy, fall in a puddle around your soul, and the confusion lingers within the spiritual highway, know that the release which you just experienced, set your soul free. Those tears are a powerful tool for your soul to experience the true sense of freedom. You allow your soul to feel the most vulnerable and yet still find the love. On the other side of the release, there is tremendous power in your light because once you have let go completely and surrendered to the universe, you allow that light to be a part of your life, you give the universe the keys to your heart.

Trust in the Healing From Spirit

Through the acceptance of the healing which your heart and soul deserves, you begin to trust in the power within your soul and the connection and communication between you and spirit. You trust in the wisdom which courses through the energy of your soul. In the healing, your light energy amplifies and resonates with unconditional love, and you trust that the universe knows your heart well enough to show you the signs which continue your journey towards this love.

When your soul needs healing, allow the release of your emotions without any conditions or timing needed. Within the natural progression of your soul, there is an alignment of events, people, and experiences which help guide you towards the healing and that which speaks most directly to your soul. The universe within your soul tells you when it is time to heal, when you are ready to unveil the hidden you and let your light be the lantern as you walk arm and arm with the divine. Let the healing flow to your heart and soul. Let the healing free your soul.



Soul Faith is Your Strength


Find Your Soul Faith to Build Your Strength and Connect to the Abundance of You

What do you believe in? Do you believe in your soul? There are times in life when faith and positive beliefs flow effortlessly like a beautiful waterfall, and there are other times when you may struggle with how to keep believing, how to know that your faith alone will provide you the life of your dreams, with an abundance of health, happiness, and peace. How do you believe in something you cannot see?

Faith is an Invisible Force

Faith is that invisible force that tells your soul to trust that everything is okay even when you are not sure. Faith tells you to hold on just a little longer despite the unknown. Faith tells you that your heart is the guide which leads you to the richest of rewards, and when your soul is ready, the strength in your faith takes flight to places you never knew you would ever see.

Faith is Your Soul Strength

Faith takes you beyond the biggest dreams you have for your soul. With faith, you allow the universe to connect to your energy, and carry you forward towards love. Your faith is the strength that is there for you as your soul grows and transforms. Your soul strength is something that only you can create for only you know what your soul needs.

Have faith in your soul, don’t give up before you find the most brilliant light. In that light, is the energy of love, and there is an infinite supply of abundance waiting for you.


Crystals to Increase the Energy Flow of Self-Love


Connect to a Deeper Love of Self Through Healing Crystals

As the soul composition is light energy, crystals are essentially the soul’s best friend. Crystals can transmute, balance, and amplify energy and are a powerful component of soul healing. Pure forms of energy consisting of love, peace, and harmony are present in crystals and can help you in balancing the energy you encounter in your day-to-day life.

Find the LOVE For You in These Powerful Crystals

Achieving self-love, where you deeply and completely accept every part of yourself exactly the way you are, as a soul of love, may feel like a challenge at times. You are love, and the universe only wants the best for you. What do you do when you struggle with connecting to this self-love? Match your soul to the perfect crystal that helps you to identify the parts of you that are amazing and are a gift to the world.

Choosing Crystals for Self-Love

There are many crystals that you can choose based on what your heart and soul feel drawn towards. Let your soul lead you to what crystal feels right whether that is color, texture, shape, or the energy composition of the crystal. Here are a few suggestions for crystals that amplify self-love:

1. Rose Quartz

This is a beautiful pink crystal that helps with acceptance of self which then improves self-love. Rose quartz connects you to the energy of your heart chakra and to a sense of unconditional love and peace. As healing energy radiates to your heart chakra, this crystal contributes to both a healing and calming effect. Negative energy releases from your energy field when you choose to surround yourself with rose quartz. When you have forgotten how precious you are as a soul and how to love yourself in each moment, rose quartz will remind you.

2. Rhodochrosite

This crystal has pink to orange color tints and is excellent at increasing self-love and compassion for self and others. Rhodochrosite heals the heart, relieves emotional stress, and improves positive attitudes. When you have built up too many fears or unhealthy views of yourself or the world, rhodochrosite assists with helping your soul to release these negative energy patterns and instead embrace your beautiful loving soul.

3. Magnesite

If you need a crystal to connect your heart energy to your mind, then magnesite is the crystal you need. Magnesite activates and opens the heart chakra, stimulates passion for life, and love for yourself and others. There are many colors of magnesite with the most predominant being white or gray with an appearance nearly resembling the brain. There is a purity to connecting to self-love through using this crystal, and as you harmonize with this energy and find love for your soul, you easily find love for others.

4. Kunzite

This crystal has a transparent appearance constructed in colors such as pink, green, or yellow. Kunzite sends high energy frequencies to connect to your heart chakra and greatly transforms your connections to unconditional love. There is a tremendous degree of peace and love for self when working with this crystal, and Kunzite has the powerful ability to protect your aura or energy field from any negative energy forms, thoughts, or emotions around you. Clearing out old energetic blockages, especially as found in the heart chakra from past experiences, Kunzite allows your soul to live only from a place of love.


Positive Thinking in the Sun and in the Rain


Be Strong and Believe Even During the Challenging Times

Positive thinking has been a popular topic in the last few years. You would think that I am 100% a positive person all the time since I have a background in psychology, but I am human! Everybody has their moments when things are not going quite right. We get inpatient and frustrated and lose our cool or we start thinking about all the negative things that could happen in a certain situation. Even worse, if one or two things go bad, we start to BELIEVE that all things thereafter will follow on that course.

Direction of Your Soul

It is important to stop every now and then and take an assessment of where our thoughts and beliefs are leading us. Are we headed in the direction we really want to go or are we distracted by the chaos of life? I think the hardest part of thinking positively is not just changing your thoughts to believe in better outcomes and having love for yourself and family and friends despite all the junk that goes on, but thinking positively when nothing seems to be going well.

How do you laugh, love, and smile even when it is raining and storming outside? How do you keep moving on a positive forward track when you have never seen a rainbow? You take steps towards LOVE.

The Wisdom of the Soul

One way to look at the hard times in life is to look at those moments as our greatest teachers of wisdom. We are not on this earth just to stagnate and remain still. Growing, learning, and developing connections to others is part of how we change and become better humans and better souls. Some of the bad stuff that happens in life is difficult and challenging that is true, but if we let ourselves remain in that state of thinking that only bad things happen in life, then how will we ever believe that the sun will come out again?

Power of Love

The most amazing strength that our souls have is the ability to believe in the power of love and healing even when we are hurting the most. If we can activate our abilities to use positive thinking and beliefs such as “I am healthy,” “I am strong,” or “I can do anything,” then we are allowing our souls to not only heal and release old pain and trauma, but we are building a new future that revolves around our greatest good for ourselves and the world. I think we can overcome the bad times and find a positive view of life both in the sun and in the rain. Don’t stop believing because you can make it through anything!