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Releasing Energy to Heal

Releasing Energy to Heal:

Move With Your Emotions to Heal Your Heart and Soul

There are moments in life when your heart and soul become aware of the deep healing needed to move forward. Even if, for years, you have avoided the issues which have caused you the greatest pain and which have opened the most profound emotions, there comes a time when you must go within and look at what needs healing. There is a protective mechanism inside the soul which keeps those emotions hidden, which does not reveal the damage, the hurt, and the shattered walls.

Your soul may feel that it is a weakness to show the real you and what you have been through in this life. It is far easier to look away from the pain than it is to gaze right into its eyes, but when you do, know that releasing that energy from that experience, the trauma, the event that left your heart a little broken, is the path which leads towards the light, which leads towards the love which you have within.

Release the Energy of Yesterday

Releasing this energy which you have carried as though you are its caretaker, begins with acknowledging the light which comes from the letting go. When you can focus on the light, then you are focusing on hope, and bringing in that healing energy to expand on the experiences within your heart and soul.

As you begin this acknowledgement, then you begin to feel the pain, the anger, the guilt, and the regrets which have become a part of your world, but are not of you, yet they enmesh with your soul. In the process of releasing these parts of your soul, you “feel” everything, you feel all the hidden layers of your soul. In this feeling, this moment of knowing that you have much within your soul for which you do not wish to keep, you may shed a few tears, feel angry or confused, or feel that you do not know how to hold on to that light, that love.

You Free Your Soul in the Release

As the tears, which are energy, fall in a puddle around your soul, and the confusion lingers within the spiritual highway, know that the release which you just experienced, set your soul free. Those tears are a powerful tool for your soul to experience the true sense of freedom. You allow your soul to feel the most vulnerable and yet still find the love. On the other side of the release, there is tremendous power in your light because once you have let go completely and surrendered to the universe, you allow that light to be a part of your life, you give the universe the keys to your heart.

Trust in the Healing From Spirit

Through the acceptance of the healing which your heart and soul deserves, you begin to trust in the power within your soul and the connection and communication between you and spirit. You trust in the wisdom which courses through the energy of your soul. In the healing, your light energy amplifies and resonates with unconditional love, and you trust that the universe knows your heart well enough to show you the signs which continue your journey towards this love.

When your soul needs healing, allow the release of your emotions without any conditions or timing needed. Within the natural progression of your soul, there is an alignment of events, people, and experiences which help guide you towards the healing and that which speaks most directly to your soul. The universe within your soul tells you when it is time to heal, when you are ready to unveil the hidden you and let your light be the lantern as you walk arm and arm with the divine. Let the healing flow to your heart and soul. Let the healing free your soul.



Your Soul is a Miracle


Your Soul is a Miracle – Open Your Heart to See the Miracles Everywhere

Whenever I hear the world “miracle” the first thought I have is of a huge transformation occurring that is often unexplainable such as someone with an incurable disease suddenly healing or someone in need receiving help at the right time to make a difference in their lives. Have you ever thought about how these miracles occur?

Belief and Faith Drive Miracles

Belief and faith are powerful drivers of miracles as they are the fuel that empowers your soul light to shine. When you shine, you receive healing, and other souls receive this same light, the light which speaks only of love. Holding on to the strong energy of faith in your heart keeps this passageway of light open, connecting you to spirit, and giving you hope and strength. You receive the energy of the divine.

Miracles Every Day

What if I told you that miracles happen every day in both big and small ways all around you? It is easy to overlook the everyday interactions which produce tiny sparks of healing light. These smaller miracles often happen so quickly that you may miss the connection. These tiny sparks unite, and when you allow your heart to open to the faith and belief of possibilities, then you create a chain of energy which creates the big miracles.

Recently I received messages from my angels and spirit guides who sent me information about miracles and how it is possible to bring more miraculous moments in our lives. In the spiritual realm, they refer to miracles as “everydays” because these energy shifts can truly happen every day of our lives, big or small.

Energy Transformations in Miracles

Once you open your energy to believing that huge energy transformations are possible, then you give permission to the divine source, to the universe, and to your angels and guides to assist you in receiving the miracles destined for your soul. Your soul is a miracle, and right now, miracles surround you everywhere in your life.

Cherish the gift of your soul in this lifetime and the people and experiences which are part of your journey. There are many more miracles waiting for you as your heart expands and connects to the faith in infinite love. Live from your heart every day, and you stay in the miracle of you.


Stop Waiting to be You


How to Let Go of the Past and Start Living Your Life For You

The other day I was thinking about the soul transformation that I had gone through in the last year and how I stepped on to the spiritual path that aligns with my soul. Not that long ago, completely tuned out to my soul needs and afraid to change my life to follow my soul mission, I stood on the edge of indecision. I knew that something did not feel right. I knew that every day I got up and went to a job that did not fulfill me I was slowly dying inside. I needed a change, and I needed a change fast.

Soul Transformation is a Journey

I did not get the chance to make that quick change because my body gave out on me. My soul could not take the days of tight deadlines at work, the sense that I had a bigger calling in life, and that I had so much more to give to the world. My body collapsed, and I spent the next year climbing out of the shadows of a terrible illness that forced me to wake up, be present, and bring in more light in my life. It was a slow journey. I had to be patient. I could not rush the process of soul transformation. The universe and my angels and guides knew that I had lessons to learn, and it was these lessons which inspired me to spend the rest of my life spreading messages of love and hope.

Live For Love Not Fear

In this process of change, there are times when you start to wonder what is around the bend. You start to fall back into old habits and feel those tiny sparks of fear that want to take over and tell you that you are not ready, that you are not good enough to remain on the journey. When I start to feel those small doubtful moments, I try my best to chase them away and remind myself how far I have come. I acknowledge that I still have so much more to learn in life, that there are more lessons up ahead, and I must carry on with love in my heart not fear.

Be You Now

I waited my entire life to be the real me, and I almost did not get the chance. I am here for a reason. I am here to help those that are just starting their journey of soul transformation. I am here to be a leader on this adventure called life. I want to remind everyone how powerful they are in recovering from anything, how strong they are within their souls to shine past the fears. I fought for my life, so that I could give back and bring more love in the world. Live each moment being the real you. Do not wait another day, the time to be you is now.

Here is a list to help your soul be you and live life from your soul.

Be You Fun List:

  1. Do what makes you happy
  2. Find many times to laugh
  3. Remain close with friends and support each other
  4. Relax and have fun
  5. Allow time for silence and personal reflection
  6. Spend time in nature connecting to the earth and animals
  7. Make each moment count
  8. Be the best version of you, the soul you
  9. Show your unique gifts
  10.   Live for love in your heart
  11.   Try everything, take a chance

Let me know how you are living your life from your soul and bringing more joy, fun, and love in your life.


Synchronicity of the Soul


Notice the Numbers, Signs, and Synchronistic Moments in Your Life as a Soul

As your soul awakens in this lifetime, you may notice repetitive numbers and other synchronistic moments in your life. Over the last few years, I have personally noticed many repeating number sequences such as 111, 222, 333, and 444, and many more. During the beginning of my personal awakening, I did not focus on the meanings of the numbers, but as I started to acknowledge that these were divine messages from angels and spirits, I realized that I could no longer live my life without noticing. I now see other signs as well everywhere I go. It is as though I am seeing for the first time what has been there all along and that is soul guidance and love.

Signs Are the Guideposts of Your Soul

The signs you see are a reminder that you have guidance from the spiritual realm, and the signs are the guideposts to life that keep you on your soul path. When you feel doubtful or fearful, you can turn to the messages within signs and synchronistic events to keep moving forward and trust that the universe has a deeper purpose for your soul and for all souls.

Listen to the Soul Message

Repeating words and phrases is another sign that I receive from angels, guides, and spirits and they love to send me messages through song lyrics. I listen carefully to these messages so that I don’t miss what my soul needs for further growth. Yesterday, I woke up to a song by Lauren Daigle, O’Lord, and the phrase that I heard from spirit was “I will stand my ground where hope can be found.” It was the perfect message that my soul needed on that day, but it did not stop there. The song played on the radio again randomly when I was driving home, and I noticed the song right when that same line came on. It was at that exact moment when I saw the street “New Hope Drive.” The message for me was about hope, of not giving up, and trusting that the universe has its own timing and way for things to transform.

The signs are everywhere for your soul to see, and the momentum created through soul intention is what keeps the synchronicity of life flowing. Keep looking for the signs, and let your soul find the messages that lead you through life.