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Dear Soul – Soul Awareness – Buddha

Dear Soul – Soul Awareness – Buddha

Dear Soul,

What is awareness you might ask beyond me listening to my own soul? Your soul awareness is you feeling everything around you, every other soul, every echo of laughter, every drop of rain, and wanting to still feel more. Your awareness has the propensity to travel deeper than you may know. What if you reached out farther and farther beyond the physical world you see? Where would you go and then where would you be? Would you be there or would you be here? What if I told you that your soul is always everywhere in every infinite pocket of existence?

In the physical world, you may feel limited by the laws of gravity or by the limitations you have placed in your own mind, but what if there was only silence and no labels or identities? What if you had no expectations for what you think you should be within the conscious realm of your world?

Beyond what you think you know, beyond what you have ever seen, beyond what you feel in your heart, there is even more, so, so, much more. Your expansion happens not only from your conscious awareness of this far reaching energy pulsation, but your soul expands from your heart with every beat. That is correct, every single beat pushes waves of energy out farther and farther, yet at the same time, deeper and deeper within your own soul.

So, you are both near and far, you are infinite. Infinity is not just the largest number you could ever know which you cannot reach as the concept of infinite expansion is always present in your soul. You just need to reach for it. You need to find it. You need to love you and every part of your soul to find the infinite nature of who you are from the first birth of your existence.

You are not new, dear soul, you have been here before. You have walked a million miles, and you have known this expansion in many lifetimes. Now you are becoming aware again of your power of expansion and the power of your light. Now you know, there is so much more beyond what you see and feel in your world. Now you know that your light lives on and on forever in this eternal state of bliss.

You don’t have to wait for this bliss. You can have it whenever you feel you are ready. You did not think I would say that did you? Yes, it is here, right here on earth, with every step you place on the earth you can feel eternal bliss, you can feel peace in your heart, and you can feel that you are divine love, for you are love and only love.

Beyond the fears you have placed in your path, there is love waiting for you to embrace and become a part of your everyday world. You have the keys to this love and peace. You simply must find the lock and turn the key. Even if you have buried the lock under cobwebs, you can still find it. Even if you lost the faith to know that you had this power, you can still find it.

You are never alone as you walk or even stumble through life. Forever, we embrace your soul. The masters embrace you, as do the saints, the angels, and light beings of love who know your beauty, who know your light, who know you are a cherished soul created from the love of God. Every thought begins with love. Every feeling begins with love. It is within your power to decide where these thoughts and feelings go. You are free to choose. You are free to direct this energy. You are free to walk your own path.

When you truly realize the power of your creations, you then know that I am no greater than you. I am no more a master than you are as you have the power to master your light. You have the power to master your creations, your world, your experiences, and your sense of peace and love. Be the master in your own life. Walk in the path of light and you walk with the masters. It is now time to walk in your light and send waves of love to every soul along your path.

Always connect to the love you want to feel. Always connect to the love you want to be. Always connect to the love that you deserve. Within this sphere of love, you are free, you are free to shine love and you are free to move on the pathway of light which moves through the universe and beyond.

Your freedom is your love and your freedom is your light. Never forget who you are dear soul, never forget how free you are to choose to shine your light. I walk with you on this journey of each of you finding your own light, and I welcome you into my kingdom of peace to feel as though when you walk on the earth you are in the place which only light shines, only love resides. This kingdom of peace is within your heart. You have the keys to this kingdom, open your heart, and you unlock the treasures of your soul. You unlock the wisdom you have carried with you for many miles. You are free to unlock your heart. You are free to feel your soul. You are free to only know love.

Love and Light,



Teaching an Old Soul New Tricks


Open to New Energy as Your Soul is Always Expanding and Learning

There are many souls who have been through several lifetimes and even a multitude of experiences within this current lifetime. Maybe you are one of those souls. You feel like you have been here before, and you have grown weary and tired from all the lessons and the challenges.

Your Soul is the Light of Change

It may not seem to make sense at times, but you do still have a lot to learn and share. As your energy interacts with other souls, they too learn from your experiences. Your light travels with you and changes the energy everywhere you go.


Soul Expansion

Open to the possibilities of soul expansion. Even if you have been through many challenging moments in life, know that your soul and the universe have important plans for your mission. There are so many things that you are here to do. You are here to bring your infinite love energy and create a higher consciousness. You are here to connect, to create, and to be you.

You Are Still Growing, Old Soul

Old souls are still here to expand, learn, and grow. Regardless of your physical age, your soul experiences, and the path you have traveled, it is never too late to make changes in this lifetime, to live from more passion and joy, to experience more loving relationships, and to find a more balanced energy state.

Let Your Soul Explore and Play

Even if you align with your passion and mission and have established relationships and hobbies, don’t be afraid to try new things. In this lifetime on Earth there are so many things to explore, many memories to create, and fun experiences to keep you on your toes. You may be an old soul, but the inner child within your soul knows that you need to play sometimes, to laugh often, and to be free to be you. Go out and have fun, be creative, do something new, and know that you are designing your soul for many lifetimes and explorations.


Dear Soul – See the Love – Archangel Raziel

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Dear Soul – See the Love

Dear Soul,

Today, I want to talk to you about seeing the world through the eyes of love. You have vision in your heart. Your heart knows what it needs to see. Within your heart, you no longer accept anything not made from love. Within your heart, you no longer carry fear and burdens which you have placed on your own soul. Your heart tells you that your soul is greater than what you can imagine, that your soul is energy that is high in frequency.

You have come to live at a time when your heart reaches places that only you can create. I am bringing in love and light to help you carry forward along your soul path. When you become confused know that I will show you the way. Your heart will show you the way. Communicate to me through your heart, and you will clearly see the visions of what you have come to this lifetime to accomplish.

Never let doubt decide. Never let fear overcome your joy. I am the one who will show the way for enlightenment of your hearts. I carry with me the energy to heal your hearts and to go forward with loving vibrations, with deep understandings, and with healing connections to those that harmonize together in this collective melding of love energy.

Choose to look through your eyes and see the love everywhere. It is everywhere for you to find. This love does not hide like you think. It is not one kind of love, it is all kinds of love. It is love that is unconditional and that knows no expectations or predictions. It simply exists. It grows. It thrives. It connects. It becomes an organism of what you put into it. The energy that you use to compose this love is what will strengthen the love, what will bond the love to others, and what will send the love to the universe and beyond.

The love you create never ceases to exist. It will go on to other souls forever in the cosmos of high-vibrational energy. Many other civilizations and souls will feel the energy that you create today. Imagine the power of creating love energy in your present concept of time and this energy growing and expanding into an existence that is far beyond what you know as your world. There is no place within the existence of consciousness for which this love cannot reach.

The love you send from your soul to your soul starts this process of the creation of love energy. As you expand the love within your own soul, you then can reach farther and farther beyond until you create your own universe, your own energy system, and your own brilliant light source and it is within this light source that you find the truth of love.

Love and Light,

Archangel Raziel


The Many Lives of the Soul


Meet Your Past, Present, and Future Soul Lives

Your soul is on a journey in this lifetime, but it has also been on many other journeys and times of soul growth and transformation in other lifetimes. Your soul needs these experiences for the soul to evolve and grow, to learn lessons, and to understand the true essence of unconditional divine love.

The lives your soul travels through often become classified within the physical constructs of time on the earth into the past, present, and future. Seeing beyond this concept can be challenging at first, but know that for your soul there is only one true existence, that your soul is eternal, and that if you exist now, then you existed before, and you will exist in the future.

Infinite Soul Expansion

Imagine the idea of infinity and how there is no beginning and no end and that is where your soul resides. It is when you came to earth in this lifetime and in the physical body that you compartmentalized events into time periods and ordered them in a sequence that makes sense to the brain.

The soul knows the truth. The soul has the wisdom that there is infinite expansion to the soul that reaches out in every direction and that the definition of existence is not that existence is not within linear space. Within that sphere of light, the experiences of your soul branch far and wide and are continually seeking new soul connections and enlightenment. It does not matter to the soul that there are limitations and laws within the physical world, for beyond the human body, the soul is free to design multiple soul pathways.

Soul Ingredients

Think of your soul in this lifetime as the recipe with the ingredients that you chose that make you unique. You picked the perfect ingredients to reflect the lessons and relationships for your soul to experience in this lifetime, you designed the ultimate soul plan. Every time your soul learns something new, it keeps a record, and this becomes part of your soul. When you complete a lesson within your soul plan, you then move on to the next part of your journey.

Free Will and Soul Design

You do have free will as a soul. Everything in this world does not exist from a predetermination, but your soul continues to come back to lessons not completed whether it is in this lifetime or in another lifetime. The ingredients that you place in your soul plan give your soul direction and goals, but what you choose to do beyond that plan is unique to you once you get here on earth in the physical plane of existence. You can add spices to the soup, a couple of side entrees, and even a dessert.

The power of your soul comes when you choose experiences and relationships beyond your soul plan. Your soul has the freedom to choose the exact timing and details of your life. The universe gives you the space to be you, to grow, and to shine brighter than you thought possible.

Your Past and Future Lives Meet the Present

If you look beyond human time in the physical world, the past and future lives of your soul are you as much as your present is you. Integrating the events, experiences, and lessons of the many lives of the soul builds wisdom and strength within your soul.

Regardless of the experiences your soul has journeyed through whether good or bad, your soul survived because you are eternal. Within this belief of the divine love of the soul which carries into the many lives of your soul, you are a beautiful light. Carry this light forward into your present life and in each present moment. Know that what your soul chooses each day is important. You design all your soul lives as you live in the here and now. You live many soul lives, and in these lives, you are one soul, one soul connected to the infinite universe.


Dear Soul – Trust in Your Soul – The Universe


Dear Soul – Trust in Your Soul – The Universe

Dear Soul,

I am here to speak to you about trust. I know you have been going through a process of transformation. When you don’t see what you are working so hard to create in your world, you may wonder why it is not there. You keep taking steps forward, and still you do not see the great changes that your soul desires.

I am here to tell you that you have not done anything wrong. You are not failing. You are right here, right now, and you are finding your way.

Instead of focusing on the challenges that you are currently facing, think about how far you have come so far. Where you are now, is not where you were yesterday, last week, last year, or ten years ago. Keep moving, keep dreaming, and never ever stop living from your soul. Trust. Trust in the universe. Trust in your soul.

You have the light within your soul to find the way. Your soul never really arrives at your destination for you are already there in the here and now. Look around at how beautiful the energy is surrounding you. Appreciate every moment you are on this earth to share your gifts of love with others. Choose to send this love every day, and within this sharing, your soul knows that trust builds when you release the need to get somewhere.

Trust is allowing the universe to travel with you on the journey. Trust that this journey is an amazing adventure that you and the universe create. The surprises that are ready for your soul are already here, and there are more to come on every step of the journey to love.

Love and Light,

The Universe


Listening to Angels and Guides


How to Listen to Messages from Angels and Guides With Your Soul Intuition

Your soul has an intuitive guidance system which leads you through your life by sending and receiving signals within your environment. Your intuition listens for the feelings you sense. If you have ever felt like something did not “feel” right then your intuition was talking to you.

Walking Through the Door to the Spiritual World

As you become more skilled at trusting your intuition and listening and connecting to the spiritual world, new doors open to you. On the other side, among spirits and in other dimensions, there are angels and guides who walk beside you even though you may not be able to see them. These angels and guides are waiting for you to reach out to them and ask for help, comfort, and direction for your soul.

Speaking to Angels and Guides

How do you learn to speak to angels and guides? You quiet your mind, tune in to your intuition or feelings, and open your heart energy to believing in what you cannot see. There is a part of your soul that has waited to speak to you, and it is the part of you that is the real you. Within this existence of your soul, you easily connect with spirits, guides, and angels.

Taking time to listen to the divine source of wisdom and love brings peace in your heart and soul which further builds trust for communication with the spiritual realm. Every step you take to trust this divine wisdom, leads you even closer to allowing your soul intuition to be your guidance system.

How the Angels and Guides May Speak to Your Soul:

  1. Hear – Hearing songs or music
  2. Feel – Feeling words or thoughts
  3. See – Seeing visions, images, symbols, or colors in your mind’s eye
  4. Know – Knowing a concept, thought, or idea
  5. Notice – Noticing synchronistic signs such as repetitive numbers or seeing butterflies
  6. Find – Finding a feather, coin, or other item in an unusual place
  7. Receive – Receiving messages in vivid dreams and traveling to other realms in your dreams

When you being to listen to your intuition and ask your angels and guides for help, your soul may focus on one specific method of giving and receiving messages which comes more naturally to you such as knowing an idea or seeing repeating numbers.

Over time, your trust for the spiritual world from which your soul was born reconnects you to the wisdom within your soul that tells you that anything is possible. Your soul knows that you can develop your communication with the spiritual world by talking to angels and guides as though they are on a journey with you together, and they are with you. All you need to do is ask.


Getting Stuck in Energy Patterns


Transform the Energy Patterns in Your Life to Open the Door to Abundance

Have you ever had a day where everything seems to go wrong or not according to plans? Have you ever asked the question, “why does this always happen to me?” Energy is everywhere and there are energy patterns that you create as you interact with people, places, and events. The brain likes to drive the energy of the soul, but this often leads to false beliefs and assumptions. When you let your soul drive, the directions lead you away from getting stuck in old cycles of energy that replay negative thoughts and beliefs.

Change Your Energy Patterns and You Change Your Life

1. Identify the Energy Pattern

If you want to get out of old energy patterns or negative beliefs, then you first need to identify the ways in which you repeat your thinking, form conclusions about decisions and experiences, and hold on to outdated beliefs and habits. Start taking an inventory and notice any habits or thoughts that you may have continued to use throughout your life even though they are not allowing for your soul to expand and live a life filled with peace and abundance. Decide which of these energy patterns you would like to change and then your soul can transform this energy by simply choosing to create new energy patterns. You create new patterns every time you connect to your soul and live from the highest energy frequency of love. When you love your soul first, the choices you make align with energy that creates patterns in your life towards abundance.

2. Observe Your Emotional Needs

Emotions can lead to stuck energy patterns when emotional energy becomes unbalanced. When you are afraid to express yourself at the soul level and keep emotions buried inside, this creates a state of stagnation and prevents your soul from moving forward in life. If you release excessive emotional responses, then this causes the energy to become chaotic and plants the seeds for impatience and frustration. Observe your emotional needs and how they are affecting your soul. If you allow your emotions to create energy patterns, your soul will remind you that you are not in alignment with the highest light energy. Balance your emotions by trusting that your soul is the compass to your life.

3. Your Soul Has the Power to Change

You can change your energy patterns. It does not matter how long you experienced stagnant old energy. When you make the decision to change, your soul listens and knows which path to travel. The hardest step of transforming your energy is taking the first step towards the new energy. Once you step into this new energy and who you are at the soul level, something magical happens, your energy magically connects to the abundance of the universe destined for EVERY soul.

Listen to Your Soul for the Answers

The energy of your soul is a guide to you in every step of your life if you choose to listen. Your soul tells you when your energy becomes unbalanced, when you need a break, or when you have done too much or when you need to start moving towards your soul path. When you listen carefully, abundance flows effortlessly. Your soul is waiting for you to connect back to the light of your soul and live with positive energy patterns that create an abundance of happiness, peace, and love. This is not a fairy tale, it is real, and it is the energy that is waiting for you. Reach out to the energy of your soul and your soul will thank you.


You Are Good Enough for Your Soul is Love


Let Go of Expectations So Your Soul Can Be Free to Fly in the Energy of Love

In today’s world it is so easy to get stuck replaying a voice that says you are not good enough. Every soul sometimes has doubts, wonders if they are smart enough, if they are living up to expectations, but I want you to question this voice of sabotage. What are you trying to achieve? Are you listening to the noise outside of your soul rather than feeling what is true for your soul? When you remove all the identities and roles that have created a false sense of expectations, there is the truth. You are love. You are a beautiful amazing soul that is already complete.

Living With Peace and Love

Living life from a place of peace and love, removes the needs of the ego to search for success in the outside world. When you connect your soul to this feeling of peace and love, every day becomes more than you could have ever expected and shines a light on every part of your life. Living in the present moment allows your soul to be free to be content with what is right in front of you. There is no longer a need to search for achievements and success. Your soul no longer feels incomplete, and every breath you take brings in the energy of love.

Your Soul is Enough

Your soul is good enough because it has always been enough. Everything you experience in this life is for your soul to learn and to grow into the deeper connections of divine love. Sometimes these lessons feel challenging, but know that your soul takes on these lessons to show you the beauty of your soul. Everything you have ever searched for is in you, it is your soul, it is the energy and the divine light that shines within you. You are the light, you are the love, and that is all your soul needs.


Releasing Fear From Your Soul


Fear is the Heavy Baggage of Your Soul, So Lighten Your Load

How do you let go of all the old baggage? You know what I am talking about. The old junk that you carry around and have traveled many miles with in an adventure through your life. Fear can be part of that old baggage. Some of the fear is from disappointments, some of it is from the lack of courage, but almost all fear originates from pain or at least a circumstance or event that felt painful. So, what felt painful in your life? Start to acknowledge that pain, so that you can find the origin of fear in your life.

Carry the Energy of Love, Peace, and Courage

When you travel back to an earlier time in your life, were there pivotal points that led you to start being a less courageous soul? Starting today, I want you to consider that you have carried the fears from that moment in time for way too long. You have carried a heavy burden, and it is time to lighten your load. You are a strong soul, this is true, but you don’t have to carry the energy of fear. What if you instead carried the energy of love, peace, or courage? The energy that you carry forward in your life matters because the energy of light leads you down an easier path, one meant for you and that supports your soul.

Release Your Soul Fears and Live in the Present

Begin to remove the fears that have held you down for so long. Let these fears float away and release from your soul for you are a soul that wants to live in the light and that wants to fill your path with love. When you do this, you will find your present moment is the most precious commodity, and in the present, there is only love, and you are free. You are free to be the soul that YOU want to be.