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Chakra Awakening – Third Eye Chakra – Illuminate the Vision of You

The third eye chakra is the energy center which focuses on your intuitive senses, your divine wisdom, and your visual perceptions of this world and beyond. There is an illumination within this chakra which brings your ideas to the light and guides you in knowing and trusting your soul path.

You have all the answers and those answers are intricately catalogued and stored in your third eye chakra. This chakra allows you to see not only what you see in your physical world, but into the spiritual realm. As you peer into the tunnels of wisdom, you see who you were in past and future lives.

You see that there is more to see, there is always more to see.

And, this seeing, this all seeing, clear seeing, 360-degree view of all the universes, opens your energy to knowing where to go in many different circumstances in your life.

It is like the third eye is a guide that works with you to direct you along the right path and steer you away from troubles and challenges. Your higher self loves to communicate to you through your upper chakras including your third eye. There is tremendous power in this communication as it is the guidebook to this life and many more you experience as a soul.

Dreams, your imagination, the visual imagery of what you wish for and what brings you peace and joy flow from your third eye chakra. If you are a big dreamer, have vivid dreams, or even deeply imaginative daydreams, then your third eye is working with you.

Now, life isn’t about knowing all the answers, there is a bit of self-discovery built into your experience on earth, but it is fun to unwrap the layers around your intuitive gifts and put them into action. Energy always wants to move where it needs to go and so does our soul.

As you trust in the wisdom of your third eye chakra, you allow the energy to flow beautifully, you allow the light of the source of all love to illuminate your soul. In that extra space, that expansion of your consciousness, you illuminate the vision of YOU!


Dear Soul – Lady Venus – Goddess Energy Brings You Peace and Love

Dear Soul,

The goddess energy is all around you painting a new picture of your world. It is a softer yet still a powerful energy. The power comes in the transformation, the trusting, the knowing, and the holding of the light as an innkeeper would hold a torch for the guests who had traveled far to reside in the golden house of God.

There are goddesses and other angels and energies who uplift you now, surround you with a healing light, and who understand your struggles to step into your goddess power. At times, you may have felt as though this power was taken away yet it is always in safe keeping within the heart of God.

Your courage, your strength, the sacredness of your inner journeys are housed beautifully in a vault and ever so gently placed within an even more well-defined receptacle of wisdom. It is like a tiny golden cup, a chalice of yesteryears, and a library of tomorrows. This sacred vessel is protected in the light.

You may tap into this energy, this sacred blessing, and welcome it into your life. We continue to bless you and awaken you to your inner strength, your expansive power, your will to become that who you really are, a reflection of God. You are simply another version of God with a frequency which shines the light on what great things you have come to the earth to pursue.

You are showing the many faces of God by following your path and allowing your light to become the truth. The truth is not what you seek. It is who you are. Always look deeper to see the real you, then trust what you see and feel is true. There is no hierarchy to you or me or anyone. Everyone has the same capacity to hold the light and perform great deeds, miracles, by believing that it is so, by believing that your path doesn’t unfold in front of you but more within you.

That is the discovery that I wish for you to find. Look within to see more, to understand what more your heart is calling to you. It is not just that your heart matches with your desires, it is that your desires, your dreams, your imagination matches with you, and when you are being you, then everything in your external world reflects that preciousness, that special frequency of light.

Be proud to be you. You are here for a reason. Now, it is time to show others your beauty and gallantly carry your courage and divinely share your love. Be love in all circumstances and the gifts of heaven will rain upon you. You are the energy of love, kindness, forgiveness, peace, acceptance, and faithfulness. Thank you for embracing your journey to the palaces of peace and love.

Sending you good will, faith, and much love,

Lady Venus

Standing in Your Soul Light

Standing In Your Soul Light:

Being You Without Fear

There is a pivotal moment within the soul journey where you finally awaken to the importance of being you, the soul you, and when that day comes, you know there is only one thing to do: Live without fear. In that moment, it no longer matters how far you have traveled in the face of fear, and every ounce of everything that held you back, that kept you from living from your heart, suddenly breaks away. Your soul releases. You are free to be you.

Living in your light and feeling love in every part of your heart is part of the release, and forgiving and accepting the past is yet another part of the healing, but then there is an energetic line you must cross to step in to your new life being the real you. How long you hesitate to take that step is an individual choice, but what if you just surrendered to the music within your soul?

Your Powerful Soul

You have the power within you to start living as the real you. There is no need to allow anything else from stopping you find the love within your heart. As soon as you decide that you are ready, ready to be you, your soul becomes free and lifts off to your new adventure. Where your soul travels you get to decide. You get to choose every experience that resonates with this new love.

New Soul Pathway of Love

Begin to imagine what your life would look like creating experiences and relationships only from love. Your new pathway starts when you connect the sparks all around you and compose the energy of what you truly desire. You take all your dreams and make them come true by first believing which begins the process of linking the energy, and then you bring in your soul power and you amplify the energy through your actions.

Whatever has been holding you back, anything which does not resonate with the soul you, you no longer need to carry. Be proud to be you and show the world who you really are, a soul, a light being of love. Your love for you conquers the fear and every day forward your light shines brighter. I know you have the inner power within your soul to journey through life with love and love only. 

Let the Universe Surprise Your Soul


Awaken to Your Soul Destiny and Allow Each Moment to Bring in Energy from the Universe

Life is full of plans, schedules, and predictions for what is coming next. You may spend your days making appointments, worried about how you will do it all, and in those moments, you may even wonder when your abundance train is coming.

There may be times when you feel inpatient and question the plans that the universe has for you, for your soul. You stand in your light, and you wait, you wait for the destiny that you have always been searching for, but cannot seem to find.

Energy Leads to Your Soul Destiny

The energy that you are creating is leading you to your destiny, but this destiny is not far away, it is in each moment as you appreciate the joy and love in your soul. You may wish that you could have the answers before you get to the next step in your journey, but know and trust that the universe brings you exactly what you need and are ready for as you travel your path.

The Universe Has a Surprise for Your Soul

Beyond your own dreams for what you wish for in this life, the energy of love that reaches to the farthest space and is in each molecule of your soul, an even greater surprise is around the corner. Each breath you take in this life, paints a picture of your soul, and brings you more surprises that are worth waiting for.


Be patient soul, you are where you need to be, and where you are going is even grander than you could ever imagine. Keep believing, keeping dreaming, and the energy of your soul will carry you forward. Your dreams are already here as you live in the light of love.


Don’t Let Perfectionism Stop Your Dreams


Stop Trying to Be Perfect: Moving Forward With Your Soul Dreams By Just Being You

I have a confession to make. I am a recovering perfectionist. For many years, I did not see myself that way. Instead, I saw myself as more of an overachiever, a highly motivated and driven individual. I continued to push myself hard because I reasoned with myself that it was normal to do so.

Everywhere I looked I saw other people checking off lists and boasting of their achievements, promotions, titles, and degrees. Unfortunately, the way the world moves at such a fast pace in business and daily life leads to the promotion of this type of thinking: that we all need to be perfectly reaching goals and molding ourselves into the ultimate human being to reach the dream career, relationships, and opportunities.

Your Soul is Perfectly Imperfect

The problem is this: each of us is a unique soul and when you strive for perfection you are really saying that something is wrong with who you are in any given moment. The energy of the soul for the experience that you design in each lifetime is perfectly imperfect. What I mean by this is there is a reason for the imperfections in life, and it is these imperfections that make your soul perfect.

Your soul is perfect for you. Your soul is perfect for the universe. It is not the perfect achievements and the accolades that determine the path to your soul dreams. Yes, along the way you may notice certain milestones and rewards, but never let the need for perfection in every decision you make stop you from moving forward.

Accept and Love Your Soul

Look perfection right in the eye, and instead choose to accept your soul. Love your soul. Let your soul know that the world needs your unique gifts, and it might be too late if you wait for the right time.

Start being you, the perfectly imperfect you, even if it means you need to stand with courage in front of others and say, “this is me right now, and I love who I am.” As you stand in your own space of acceptance, others notice. They remove their masks, and underneath you see their real soul. They too let go of the need for perfection.

When you truly begin to love and accept who you are it becomes easy to walk down the path to your soul dreams. There is an effortless joy with knowing that you never have to try hard again to be a title, to fit into a mold, or to pretend that the achievements completed your soul. Your soul is then free to wake up every day and just be you, and that is beautiful.


Soul Patience


Have Patience With The Journey to Your Dreams

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to be patient for what you really want? It is easy to dream and dig into what passions reside in your heart, but how do you put those dreams into action?

Putting your dreams into a physical form requires tremendous determination, motivation, and continued inspiration, but even if you have the motivation and determination, and you have decided that you are not going to let anything stop you from reaching your goals, you still need to take the steps to get to your destination.

Small Steps to Your Dreams

Creating your dreams so that others can see what is in your heart requires patience more than anything. Every day you will be taking steps towards achieving your dreams, and only you can take those steps. You need patience during every step of the process because some days you may feel like giving up or you may wonder why you did not choose an easier path. You need patience when things go wrong or when you cannot figure out how to proceed and are running into obstacles.

Patience and the Beauty of You

Choose patience first when you are pursuing your soul dreams, because at the end of the road, there is a beautiful you, a beautiful life just waiting for you to get there. You just need to keep moving forward, taking the steps to get to that life that you have dreamed about and have always wanted. Don’t give up too soon, you may be only one step away from victory.