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Chakra Awakening – Connect to the Earth – Root Chakra

As energy flows through your chakras, the earth energy is the grounding force which holds the space for all the chakras. It is the foundation of all your energy centers. When you are grounded, you are communicating to the spirit of the earth, the heartbeat of the earth frequency which reminds you that you are balanced in this physical world.

The root chakra energy which begins to flow at the base of your spine represents the energy of stability, structure, foundation, safety, and security. When you are grounded, balanced, and connected to the flow of earth energy, you feel a sense of belonging in the world, a deeper understanding of who you are, and a sense that you are nurtured and protected.

When the root chakra is out of balance or there is a block in the flow of energy, then there is a tendency towards addictions such as food addictions or a sense of feeling incomplete or confused in relationships or jobs. Physical symptoms of a blocked root chakra include digestive issues and blood circulation problems.

Your emotions are a main driving force of your chakras, and the root chakra carries the emotions of trust or distrust, being separate from others or connected to oneness, feeling a firm foundation or feeling that you are floating and not sure when making decisions.

Shifting the energy which flows through your root chakra begins with visualizing that you are firmly rooted into the energy of the earth and are a part of the physical world. Spending time connecting to nature, feeling as though you are an interconnected part of the earth and the energy which moves through the earth, helps to build a sense of stability.

Grounding your physical body, in a sense anchoring your spiritual body among your physical experience, can also be achieved by carrying crystals such as tourmaline or red jasper. These grounding crystals carry an energy vibration to remind you of the earth energy and give you a sense of “I am connected to the earth with love.”

Opening your heart to the inner dialogues such as “I am grounded in all circumstances” or “I am present in the here and now” or “I am safe and secure,” give your spiritual body a reminder that you are here for a physical experience and may safely walk your journey in this life.

Being grounded, and balancing your root chakra resides in the present moment of everything you do. When you feel that your spirit is unstable or facing a challenge that rocks that sense of safety and connected line of energy to the earth, tell your heart that it is okay to breathe a little deeper, enjoy more moments of silence, or pray or meditate in a manner which illuminates the calmness within you and reconnects you to Mother Earth.


Chakra Awakening – Soul Wisdom of the Crown Chakra

Chakra Awakening – Soul Wisdom of the Crown Chakra

Do you ever wonder what messages the divine has for your soul? When you begin to awaken to what messages of love and peace are flowing to you, then you are allowing the energy within your crown chakra to resonate at this higher frequency and connect to your soul. You can sense these messages and receive a never-ending flow of wisdom from the love within the universe directly to your heart and soul.

Crown Chakra as the Cosmic Bridge

The crown chakra is the 7th chakra within your energy centers, and it is the gateway or bridge to your soul, it is the communication to the cosmos and beyond. Essentially, you communicate with spirit through the energy which streams from your crown chakra. Located at the crown of the head, this chakra is where you connect to your higher self and the wisdom from your many lifetimes as a soul.

There is a higher state of consciousness and a greater awareness of the soul as you allow communication to flow through your crown chakra. Violet and white colors are associated with this chakra as it is a spiritual energy center pulling in divine love energy.

Your Heart Interprets the Messages

As you awaken to this higher level of consciousness flowing from your crown chakra, the information you receive connects to your heart where you decipher the messages and determine the greater purpose, the deeper meaning, and the connection to spirit. In that moment of allowing your crown chakra to communicate the truth of who you are, you trust that what feels right in your heart is where you must go in this life.

Energy Balance is Key

Before opening and balancing the crown chakra, begin with connecting to the earth and grounding your energy through the root chakra. Once you have this strong connection to the earth, you can begin to balance your other chakra centers such as the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye working your way up all your energy centers until you reach the crown chakra. Your soul seeks this balance and harmony, and the true balance lies within the heart as it is there that both the earth and the cosmos come together in a rhythm which flows with the energy of you.

When you are ready to heal and balance your crown chakra and receive the messages from divine love, begin to choose activities which connect you to this higher spiritual truth. Yoga, journaling, walking in nature, listening to healing music, meditating, and surrounding yourself with the healing colors of the violet flame of love and the white essence of spirit guide your soul to these deeper connections and the individual healing for your soul. Crystals such as amethyst, selenite, clear quartz, moonstone, lepidolite, and howlite assist with opening the communication pathways to the divine and balancing the energy as it moves from your crown chakra to the other energy centers. 

Spirit Speaks Through You With Love

The energy of spirit always connects to your soul, and this energy waits for you to hear and feel the messages of love. As you awaken to your power within this world, and the higher messages from the spirit world, know that you are a gift from the universe. When you communicate with the divine source of love, you are teaching your heart how to find the wisdom within and how to slow down and feel the energy moving through your heart and soul. You are teaching your soul how to be present in the energy of love.




Crystals to Increase the Energy Flow of Self-Love


Connect to a Deeper Love of Self Through Healing Crystals

As the soul composition is light energy, crystals are essentially the soul’s best friend. Crystals can transmute, balance, and amplify energy and are a powerful component of soul healing. Pure forms of energy consisting of love, peace, and harmony are present in crystals and can help you in balancing the energy you encounter in your day-to-day life.

Find the LOVE For You in These Powerful Crystals

Achieving self-love, where you deeply and completely accept every part of yourself exactly the way you are, as a soul of love, may feel like a challenge at times. You are love, and the universe only wants the best for you. What do you do when you struggle with connecting to this self-love? Match your soul to the perfect crystal that helps you to identify the parts of you that are amazing and are a gift to the world.

Choosing Crystals for Self-Love

There are many crystals that you can choose based on what your heart and soul feel drawn towards. Let your soul lead you to what crystal feels right whether that is color, texture, shape, or the energy composition of the crystal. Here are a few suggestions for crystals that amplify self-love:

1. Rose Quartz

This is a beautiful pink crystal that helps with acceptance of self which then improves self-love. Rose quartz connects you to the energy of your heart chakra and to a sense of unconditional love and peace. As healing energy radiates to your heart chakra, this crystal contributes to both a healing and calming effect. Negative energy releases from your energy field when you choose to surround yourself with rose quartz. When you have forgotten how precious you are as a soul and how to love yourself in each moment, rose quartz will remind you.

2. Rhodochrosite

This crystal has pink to orange color tints and is excellent at increasing self-love and compassion for self and others. Rhodochrosite heals the heart, relieves emotional stress, and improves positive attitudes. When you have built up too many fears or unhealthy views of yourself or the world, rhodochrosite assists with helping your soul to release these negative energy patterns and instead embrace your beautiful loving soul.

3. Magnesite

If you need a crystal to connect your heart energy to your mind, then magnesite is the crystal you need. Magnesite activates and opens the heart chakra, stimulates passion for life, and love for yourself and others. There are many colors of magnesite with the most predominant being white or gray with an appearance nearly resembling the brain. There is a purity to connecting to self-love through using this crystal, and as you harmonize with this energy and find love for your soul, you easily find love for others.

4. Kunzite

This crystal has a transparent appearance constructed in colors such as pink, green, or yellow. Kunzite sends high energy frequencies to connect to your heart chakra and greatly transforms your connections to unconditional love. There is a tremendous degree of peace and love for self when working with this crystal, and Kunzite has the powerful ability to protect your aura or energy field from any negative energy forms, thoughts, or emotions around you. Clearing out old energetic blockages, especially as found in the heart chakra from past experiences, Kunzite allows your soul to live only from a place of love.