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Your Soul is a Miracle


Your Soul is a Miracle – Open Your Heart to See the Miracles Everywhere

Whenever I hear the world “miracle” the first thought I have is of a huge transformation occurring that is often unexplainable such as someone with an incurable disease suddenly healing or someone in need receiving help at the right time to make a difference in their lives. Have you ever thought about how these miracles occur?

Belief and Faith Drive Miracles

Belief and faith are powerful drivers of miracles as they are the fuel that empowers your soul light to shine. When you shine, you receive healing, and other souls receive this same light, the light which speaks only of love. Holding on to the strong energy of faith in your heart keeps this passageway of light open, connecting you to spirit, and giving you hope and strength. You receive the energy of the divine.

Miracles Every Day

What if I told you that miracles happen every day in both big and small ways all around you? It is easy to overlook the everyday interactions which produce tiny sparks of healing light. These smaller miracles often happen so quickly that you may miss the connection. These tiny sparks unite, and when you allow your heart to open to the faith and belief of possibilities, then you create a chain of energy which creates the big miracles.

Recently I received messages from my angels and spirit guides who sent me information about miracles and how it is possible to bring more miraculous moments in our lives. In the spiritual realm, they refer to miracles as “everydays” because these energy shifts can truly happen every day of our lives, big or small.

Energy Transformations in Miracles

Once you open your energy to believing that huge energy transformations are possible, then you give permission to the divine source, to the universe, and to your angels and guides to assist you in receiving the miracles destined for your soul. Your soul is a miracle, and right now, miracles surround you everywhere in your life.

Cherish the gift of your soul in this lifetime and the people and experiences which are part of your journey. There are many more miracles waiting for you as your heart expands and connects to the faith in infinite love. Live from your heart every day, and you stay in the miracle of you.


Soul Faith is Your Strength


Find Your Soul Faith to Build Your Strength and Connect to the Abundance of You

What do you believe in? Do you believe in your soul? There are times in life when faith and positive beliefs flow effortlessly like a beautiful waterfall, and there are other times when you may struggle with how to keep believing, how to know that your faith alone will provide you the life of your dreams, with an abundance of health, happiness, and peace. How do you believe in something you cannot see?

Faith is an Invisible Force

Faith is that invisible force that tells your soul to trust that everything is okay even when you are not sure. Faith tells you to hold on just a little longer despite the unknown. Faith tells you that your heart is the guide which leads you to the richest of rewards, and when your soul is ready, the strength in your faith takes flight to places you never knew you would ever see.

Faith is Your Soul Strength

Faith takes you beyond the biggest dreams you have for your soul. With faith, you allow the universe to connect to your energy, and carry you forward towards love. Your faith is the strength that is there for you as your soul grows and transforms. Your soul strength is something that only you can create for only you know what your soul needs.

Have faith in your soul, don’t give up before you find the most brilliant light. In that light, is the energy of love, and there is an infinite supply of abundance waiting for you.