The Story of How I Met My Soul

For many years, I lived my life so strongly connected to the physical world that I neglected my connections to the spiritual realm and ignored the feelings in my heart. I made choices not aligned with my soul but rather with what I thought I should do in the world whether that was choosing a specific career path or following the crowd in different ways.

There was always something deep inside of me that wanted to stand apart as a unique soul, but I was afraid to choose what felt right to me. For me to truly learn more about my soul and listen to what path my soul was calling me towards, I had to become silent enough to hear the directions.

It was during a serious illness that the silence and stillness forced me to finally hear what I knew all along, I was a soul first, a light being of love. Then I began to realize the power within my soul to heal, to believe in positive outcomes, and to know that whatever path and experiences I chose in this lifetime, with the right intention and action I could do anything.

I tell you this story, so that you too can start to walk on your soul path by learning who you are as a soul and believing in the power that has always been inside your soul. You can live any life you choose to live, and it is up to you to start creating that life.

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What is Intuition?

Your intuition is the guidance system for your soul. You may recall many times in your life when you have already used your intuition. If you have ever suddenly had an idea, felt called to do something, or heard or thought of a certain word or song, then you have experienced your intuition in action. Throughout your life, you may have believed that many events were coincidences, but the truth is that these coincidences were synchronistic events or signs from the universe. Your angels and spirit guides communicate with you as you travel through this lifetime. You are never alone, and your intuition is the method for you to hear, feel, and experience these messages that travel from the spiritual realm. As you trust your intuition more, the messages become clearer until you feel the energy exchange in your heart, and you no longer doubt and fly free with your heart guiding you through life.

Can everyone communicate with angels and guides and fine tune their intuitive abilities?

Yes. Every soul is intuitive. Every soul stays connected to the spiritual realm while in the physical world on earth. Fine tuning your intuitive abilities takes practice, but once you learn how your intuitive senses work best for you and how to trust the messages you are receiving, your communication with the divine will be easier to interpret.

What is a soul?

Your soul is energy, the energy of love. There is a spirit within your soul which is the initial spark which created you as a unique light being. Your soul is the directive for the light, it is the record keeper of all that you experience in this life and other lifetimes, and it is the representation of your joy and love and every thought and emotion which you experience. Your soul reflects the energy you wish to create. Your soul travels with you through all of existence. Your soul lives on in eternal love.

What is energy?

Energy is light. Energy is everywhere and in everything in the physical world in things you see and even in what you don’t see such as words, thoughts, and emotions. The finest particles compose energy and these particles have a frequency or vibration. Your soul resonates with specific energy frequencies depending on the light which is present in your energy field. The more love energy you bring into your energy field, the higher your energy frequency. Love energy begins with the smallest nanoparticles which then join to form and create everything you see in this life.

How do I listen to angels and guides?

Angels and spirit guides may begin to communicate with you through sending you signs such as number sequences, songs on the radio, or other synchronistic events which awaken your soul. If you start to pay attention to these signs and recognize them as something which is directing your soul, then your angels and guides will send you more signs and open your energy to communicate in different ways. You may then receive further communication through thoughts, ideas, or feelings and then progress into hearing auditory messages or seeing images. Another way that the spirit world communicates to your soul is through your dreams. You can keep a record of your dreams in a journal to remember these messages and receive guidance for your soul. Before you go to sleep at night, ask your angels and spirit guides to communicate with you or give you answers to questions you may have. Mediating is another method for communicating with angels and guides as when you quiet the mind and achieve a more relaxed state, this clears the communication system and allows you to connect with angels and guides without worry or fear.

How do I find my soul path?

Everyone has a unique soul path to walk on this earth. Every soul comes to the earth to learn lessons and to share soul gifts. If you are unsure about your soul path, start with identifying what is unique about you and what gifts and talents you bring. There is something that makes you stand out with your own light. When you begin to feel your heart calling you towards one path, then you know that you have found your soul path. The heart knows what is true for the soul. When considering your soul path, use this question as a guide: If you could only do one thing on earth before leaving, what is the “one” thing you would want to do before you left as a gift to the world? If you can answer that question, then you have identified your calling, your soul mission.

Why am I seeing repeating numbers?

Repeating numbers are a communication system between the physical and spiritual worlds. As numbers are energy and are present in everything in our world and in the spirit world, it is the simplest form of communication and the easiest method for souls to receive messages. Each number has a unique energy frequency, and with combinations of numbers, this allows for more specific guidance. If your angels and guides notice that you are understanding the number sequences, then they continue to communicate with you and send you even more numbers.

What signs do angels and guides send to communicate?

Angels and spirit guides are always around you, watching over you, guiding you, supporting you, and sending you love. Communication from the spirit world comes in the form of repeating numbers, hearing songs on the radio which have a specific meaning to you or even hearing or thinking of songs or lyrics in your head, and many more synchronistic events and signs. You may see butterflies or another animal which is a sign from a spirit or you may meet someone or hear a message from a stranger which gives you direction. There are unlimited numbers of ways which angels and spirits can communicate to you and show that they are here with you. Remember this, if you “feel” that you have received a message or a sign, then you have!

How do crystals heal the soul?

Crystals are pure conscious energy. Crystals tune into your consciousness and exchange, transform, or transmute energy detected in your energy field. Your intentions set the directions for how these transformations take place. If you choose a crystal and you intend to use it to increase your courage, then that crystal sends you energy frequency signals which align your energy field with courage. If you are struggling with letting go of fears or releasing negative energy patterns, crystals identify these patterns and assist with transitioning your soul towards more positive energy. Crystals can also heal deep traumatic wounds which affect your soul and keep you from moving forward in life. It is as though the crystal is a support system for your soul through the hardest of times. As your soul energy is crystalline, crystals effortlessly interact with your energy to affect change and raise your energy vibration.

Which crystal should I use for healing?

The best crystal is the one you feel drawn to either by color, shape, texture, or one which you simply feel needs to be in your space. The crystal designed for your soul healing often finds you and appears on your soul path. When you are shopping for crystals let your heart and soul direct you to what feels right.

How do I release old energy patterns and fears?

Releasing old energy patterns and fears may seem overwhelming if you have cycled through the same patterns for years, but it is possible to change anything! The first step is identifying what you wish to change and why. Then you set your energetic intentions towards what you want in your life. If what you want and your actions are not aligning then this may create blocks. Removing the blocks is as simple as clarifying your soul needs and choosing actions which lead you towards these needs and ultimately create the life of your dreams. Fears are illusions which the soul can release and instead move towards the energy of love. Releasing these fears begins with loving “you” first. Once you love and respect who you are, then the fears dissolve as love has the power to shine the light on the truth, and the truth is that your soul is infinitely abundant in every way.

How do I clear the energy in my home?

There are several methods for performing energy clearings in your home. Using candles, sage, crystals, music, and positive intentions are perfect for releasing old energy patterns in your space whether it is at home or even in a work space. The most important is to set the intentions for each room so that you bring in more love and peace into the space. As you perform these regular energy clearings, you bring in more light into your home, and this continues to attract more light, love, and prosperity.

How do I become more mindful and learn how to meditate?

Mindfulness starts with the heart. Your heart directs your mind and when you open to your heart energy this allows your mind to become comfortable with silence. Meditation and mindfulness do not have to be about complete silence though. You can also choose to meditate with music, while exercising, or while reading a book, journaling, or painting. The goal of mindfulness is to release any worries and thoughts which keep you from fully anchoring in the present moment.

How do you know when you are in the present moment?

You know you are in the present moment, when you no longer are questioning if you are in the present moment, when you finally feel free to just be you with no agenda. Being present is fully experiencing every ounce of life, but also not creating regrets for yesterday, rather just moving forward with great excitement and enthusiasm for another wonderful day and all the things to come.

How do I live a less stressful life and find joy again?

Finding balance in life is key to bringing in more love and joy. Become aware of things in your life which cause you stress and start to make different choices. Feeling stressed affects each soul differently, and it is important to adjust your life to meet your soul needs. Stress is not always a bad thing as it does alert you to know when you have pushed too far, when you need to change course, and when you need to nurture your soul. Think of stress as a warning system. When you hear the alarm, make sure to make the changes needed to bring your energy back in harmony with the universe. Only you know what is too much for you and what feels right. As you train your mind, body, and soul to relax, move through life at a slower steadier pace, and to accept challenges along the way, it becomes easier to quickly come back to the energy of love and peace.

What is a soul awakening?

A soul awakening is the understanding of who you are as a soul and why you have come to this lifetime. It is recognizing yourself as a soul first and loving the essence of you. It is becoming aware that you are a powerful light being, that you are eternal, and that you possess infinite spiritual wisdom. When you awaken to the truth of who you are, you awaken to all your existences in different lifetimes, all the wisdom you have collected within your soul, and divine unconditional love from the universe.

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