Love is the energy which heals and connects all souls. ZymbolTM jewelry is designed around one symbol which represents love.

When you wear ZymbolTM jewelry you are reminded of the love within your soul. Design affirmations to send positive energy to your soul and to others.

Shine your light on love.

Learn More about ZYMBOLTM Jewelry

Contact me at info@pambarosh.com if you have any questions about ZymbolTM jewelry or would like to set up a presentation or gathering to view the jewelry. I offer group gatherings or parties with ZymbolTM jewelry, and in addition I offer intuitive readings and healing messages of love.

Angel Reading

Angel and oracle cards, spiritual growth, archangel messages.

Energy Coaching

Energy balancing, mindfulness, positive psychology, soul transformation.

Intuitive Healing

Chakra alignment, color therapy, angelic reiki, sacred geometry, crystal healing.