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Hi, I AM Pam, the Messenger of Love! I love to speak about love energy, soul healing, connections with spirits, and positive psychology. I believe that we all have the power to heal through the energy of love through our words, thoughts, emotions, and actions.  Contact me at if you would like to book me for online or in-person interviews, speaking events, workshops, podcasts, or radio or TV appearances. 


Spiritual and Self-Love Videos


Welcome to Heart Space Living! Check out my latest podcast interview with Evan McDermod on The Fifth Dimension as we talk about awakening the heart space, love energy, and everything spiritual!









In my interview with Ryan Lindsay on the Ryan Lindsay Show, a former police officer, we talk about the current energy of the world, spirits, how we can be in a more positive energy state, and how to receive messages of love.


My interview on Jack’s Podcast about Meditation, Spirituality, and Love. Jack is an amazing lightworker!








Check out my podcast interview on Minding Wellness with Claudia Cometa:

Healing at the Soul Level with Pam Barosh

You can also check it out on iTunes at: Minding Wellness – Healing at the Soul Level








Podcast Interview on Authentic Talks 2.0 with Shanta:

Intuitive Healer Receives Downloads from the Universe

You can also check it out on iTunes at: Authentic Talks 2.0 – Intuitive Healer Receives Downloads from the Universe






Interview on MyEd TV with Ben Bird about Love Energy and Universal Law


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Check out my recent article on Spirituality & Health at

Follow the Spirit of Your Heart Through Meditation and Awareness

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