About Light Energy

Light energy is the healer of your soul and it builds from love. The activation of this light energy comes from various techniques such as through crystals, color and music, reiki symbols, sacred geometry, intention, and intuitive guidance. Your soul knows how to heal, you simply need a guide to show the way. I want you to know that you deserve this healing. Regardless of what challenges, pain, and trauma you have been through in this life or other lifetimes, you can release what no longer serves your soul. As you start to love your soul and believe in the healing, you already begin the transformation process and awaken the light that beats in your heart.

Why Use Crystals for Healing?

Your soul is crystalline energy. Crystals detect the energy frequencies within your soul and know the healing energy which your soul needs for healing and transformation. There are many crystals which perform energy clearing or removal of energy debris or trauma which assists your soul in resetting your energy patterns. Crystals also bring in positive energy and light for you to connect to your soul path and to align your energy with what you desire most in life.

Using Crystals in Your Life

Whether you choose to wear crystal jewelry, carry crystals with you, or even place them around your home or work environment, interacting with crystals on a regular basis encourages your soul to stay on the healing path and bring in a balanced energy state. Keeping crystals around you raises the energy vibration of your environment and brings in more love and light to your world. When you begin to work with crystals, it is important to set clear intentions which directs the energy of the crystals.

What Are Energy Chakras and Why Do They Need Balancing?

Your energy centers or chakras are points within your energy field which direct the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance within your energy and your physical body. The lower chakras such as the root chakra and sacral sacra focus more on your physical existence, basic survival, and feeling connected to the earth energy, while higher chakras such as the crown chakra and the third eye chakra direct energy towards spiritual wisdom, intuitive abilities, and communication with the cosmos, your higher self, and other light beings such as angels, guides, and ascended masters. Your chakras need balancing as there are times when your energy becomes unbalanced or depleted such as when you become ill, feel uncertain about decisions, develop energy blocks and stagnation, or experience events and interactions with other people which drain your energy or leave you feeling confused or hurt. You are a powerful soul and can heal your soul through light energy and balancing of the chakras.

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Intuitive Soul Healing:

Intuitive healing is a synergistic energy technique including several energy healing modalities such as angelic reiki, crystals, color, and personalized energy tools which align your soul energy to the divine source of love and light. Working with angels, archangels, ascended masters, and the creator, I bring in light energy composed of pure unconditional love to realign your energy chakras, clear energetic residue, and connect your soul to your original blueprint. Following the intuitive healing session, I give recommendations for further spiritual and energetic balancing tools to continue to heal and attune to the highest frequency of light energy. As a teacher of intuition and a channel of the highest frequency of love energy, I awaken your soul to be the healer. You deserve to live the best life possible and live in a state of wellness and divine love. Together, we find the unique healing path that speaks to your soul and for your highest good.

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Chakra Balancing:

In this session, the focus is on balancing the chakras or energy centers. Through intuitive guidance from the angelic realm, I identify which chakras need healing and bring in love energy to assist with this transformation. I implement various techniques such as crystal grids, affirmations, intentions, lifestyle changes, and color and music therapy, to shift your soul energy towards a state of balance and peace. As well, I provide you with tools you can use in your own life to maintain this balance and a personalized guide highlighting your chakras and what makes your soul unique.

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Angelic Reiki:

In this Angelic Reiki session, guided by angels and archangels, I connect the light energy from the spiritual realm to your soul to receive emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing. Intuitive guidance leads me to understand the patterns which create unbalanced states in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Through the power of this Reiki technique and the wisdom of the angelic realm, I assist your soul in connecting to the guidance which you need to overcome obstacles, heal illnesses and trauma, and to accept love as you walk on your soul path.

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If you have any questions regarding the Angelic Reiki, Chakra Balancing, or Intuitive Soul Healing sessions, please contact me at info@pambarosh.com.

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