Energy Coaching

Energy coaching is a form of life coaching which evaluates the energy patterns and energetic blocks in your life. The presence of positive energy flow, love energy, and healthy belief systems create abundance and peace.

Through energy coaching, together we review where you may feel stuck in life, where there may be fears and beliefs which need releasing from your energy field, and possible methods to shift the energy towards your dreams, desires, and goals.

Creating a plan for your abundant life begins the coaching process as we review positive steps towards achieving energetic balances in all areas including career, relationships, health and wellness, and spirituality.

In my coaching practice, the focus is on soul growth and transformation, and through the intuitive wisdom of angels and guides, we design changes for your life which create an abundance of love and peace. You receive guidance in finding the wisdom within your soul to overcome obstacles, follow your unique soul path, and to make positive choices which resonate with the energy of your soul.

My Coaching Journey

I am an intuitive and an energy and life coach. I completed a master’s in psychology and trained in additional courses in energy healing and clearing techniques, crystal healing, and spiritual transformation. It was my own personal journey of healing and my communication with angels, archangels, spirit guides, and ascended masters which led me to this path of providing coaching and healing services. Everything I offer within my coaching services are tools and techniques which I have integrated in my own life to balance my energy and live a better life. As a writer and an empath, I am familiar with the challenges and specific soul needs of writers and empaths which I offer in my specialized coaching packages.

Benefits of Energy Coaching:

  • Clear old energy patterns, beliefs, fears, and blocks which keep you from living the life of your dreams
  • Balance your energy within your energy centers or chakras
  • Identify thoughts, emotions, and actions which allow energy to effortlessly flow in your life
  • Trust your soul calling and recognize the steps needed to walk on your soul path
  • Develop your intuitive abilities and soul wisdom as you go forward in life decisions
  • Heal wounds and trauma and connect your soul to the highest energy of love and light
  • Transform every area of your life through intentions, affirmations, and focusing your energy

Energy Coaching is For Your Soul:

  • Career and Soul Path – if you feel called to make a career change or are uncertain of your soul path
  • Relationships – if you struggle to find healthy relationships and want to change your patterns
  • Health and Wellness – if you have low energy, fatigue, or want to find energy balance
  • Spirituality – if you desire to connect with angels and guides or develop your intuition

Tools and Techniques in Coaching:

  • divine guidance from angels, archangels, spirit guides, and ascended masters
  • color and music therapy
  • sacred geometry, crystal healing, and crystal activations
  • reiki energy healing
  • energy techniques which resonate with your soul journey
  • affirmations, mediations, visualizations, and other mindful practices
  • energy clearing for old beliefs, thoughts, and emotions
  • chakra or energy center balancing
  • coaching through conversation and other activities such as journaling and soul exercises

 I offer specialized coaching services for the following clients:


  • Women with chronic illnesses who wish to release old energy patterns and balance their energy
  • Women who need a career change and would like to discover their soul gifts and path
  • Women who are overachievers and need to learn how to bring more peace and harmony in their lives
  • Women who are struggling with relationships and life changes and desire a soul transformation


  • Empaths seeking information on how to balance energy and remain in a positive energy state
  • Empaths desiring tools for energetic protection from environmental and relationship energy shifts
  • Empaths needing to investigate their soul path and how to effectively use their gifts
  • Empaths wishing to connect to healing energy, wisdom, and love which resonates within the soul


  • Writers who need help with finding their voice and composing messages from their heart and soul
  • Writers looking for advice on blogging, publishing, and writing
  • Writers who desire to organize their writing process or overcome writer’s block
  • Writers needing a coach to hold them accountable to a writing schedule or goal

Energy Coaching Sessions:

Life Coaching Session – In the initial coaching session, we develop a plan for continued coaching sessions including choosing an area of focus, setting positive goals, and determining which methods create an energetic match for your needs. In follow-up sessions, we continue to implement strategies for soul growth and positive change.

Book a Life Coaching Session

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