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Divine Cosmic Awakening

Austin, TX
110 Members

Divine Cosmic Awakening is for those who are interested in learning more about the awakening of the consciousness of all souls, the collective consciousness energy, astrology,…

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Divine Cosmic Awakening is for those who are interested in learning more about the awakening of the consciousness of all souls, the collective consciousness energy, astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, DNA activations, heart chakra energy, dimensional shifts, energy vortexes, the earth grid, and light energy and light codes.

We will have meetings with lectures and classes on different topics as well as have fun gatherings. Join this group if you are seeking more knowledge about soul awakenings and a connection to others with similar interests. Let’s come together and celebrate the awakening of all souls!

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Writing From Spirit

Austin, TX
124 Members

This writing group is for those interested in bringing channeled or spirit-inspired messages through their writing, journaling, or blogging. We will meet once a month and disc…

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In the Writing From Spirit Meetup group, we will have meetings, lectures, and classes discussing topics related to spirituality and writing as well as share the progress with our writing, blogging, and spiritual journey. Join the Writing From Spirit Meetup Group to keep updated on future meetings, workshops, and to post discussions online among fellow writers.

In the Writing From Spirit group meetings, learn how to tap into your intuitive powers and receive messages from spirit as you write. Everyone can connect to spirit and receive these messages as all souls are part of the divine source of love and light. Through the practices of journaling, meditation, and other spiritual tools, elevate the energy of your writing. Learn how to access the wisdom from spirit guides, angels, archangels, and ascended masters and trust in the information received.

If you have always wanted to blog, write articles, a book or even just keep a personal journal from spirit, then this group provides the tools and techniques to help you awaken to the power within your soul to write from the divine.

Facebook Writing From Spirit Group:

In this group, we will post longer discussions, and I will host Facebook Live meetings as well as have guests discuss topics related to writing and spirituality. Send me a message through Facebook if you wish to be a member of this group.

Message me on Facebook at:

or Visit the Group Page and select the join button: Writing From Spirit Facebook Group or send me an email at

Classes and Workshops

Psychic Mediumship Series – Class 1

Date: March 7th, Saturday, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm CST

Location: Austin, Texas – NW Austin

Learn the practice of psychic mediumship through the use of psychic tools as well as learn how to further develop your “clair” senses of knowing, feeling, sensing, and seeing. You will also be introduced to proper techniques for the practices of grounding, breathing, and meditation, how to trust your intuition, and tapping into chakras and auras in psychic readings. This is a practical class with psychic and mediumship activities. This class is open to those who are at the beginner or intermediate level within their psychic abilities. 

Cost: $111

Sign Up for the Psychic Mediumship Class: Psychic Mediumship Class 1

I will be offering a series of 3 Psychic Mediumship Classes in March and April, if you would like to sign up for all 3 classes, there is a package price of $277. Email me at for further details. 

Channeling and Healing Circle

Date: March 7th, Saturday, 4:30 to 6:00 pm CST

Location: Austin, Texas – NW Austin

Join this circle of channelers, mediums, psychics, and healing practitioners as we join together to raise the energy vibration of the planet and send healing energy to those in need. You will be led through a meditation which allows you to open up more to connecting to higher realms and tapping into the collective consciousness. We will meet every month starting in March with the culmination of a few retreats to places such as Wimberley, Texas, Fredericksburg (Enchanted Rock area), Mount Shasta, California, and Sedona, Arizona to further build on the energy of the earth grid and awaken the sacred symbols within every soul. 

Cost: $20 Suggested Love Donation

Save the Date:

March 21st, Saturday, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm – Psychic Mediumship Series – Class 2 – NW Austin

March 21st, Saturday, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Magical Messages of Love Channeling Event – NW Austin

Contact Pam Barosh at to sign up for the psychic mediumship class or to learn more about the channeling and healing circle.

About the Instructor:

Pam Barosh is an author, blogger, intuitive, medium, and energy coach and healer and believes that everyone has the power to heal through the energy of love. While healing from a serious illness, Pam began to communicate with angels and learn about light energy and the nature of the soul. She connects to the angelic and spiritual realm, and delivers messages from angels, archangels, spirits, and ascended masters. With a master’s degree in psychology and further training in energy healing techniques such as Reiki, chakra and crystal healing, and shamanism, Pam integrates the concepts within spirituality and psychology to develop an individualized healing plan for each client. Her energy coaching techniques include identifying energy blocks and achieving a balanced energy state as well as methods for incorporating positive energy shifts through words, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Through the mind, body, and spirit, and connecting to divine wisdom, Pam guides you to finding your ideal soul path and developing the courage to start walking your path.


For more information about the classes and workshops, contact Pam at


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