Releasing Energy to Heal

04th July, 2018

Releasing Energy to Heal: Move With Your Emotions to Heal Your Heart and Soul There are moments in life when your heart and soul become aware of the deep healing needed to move forward. Even if, for years, you have avoided the issues which have caused you the greatest pain and which have opened the … Continue reading Releasing Energy to Heal

Great Awakening of Your Heart

25th June, 2018

The Great Awakening of Your Heart Let Your Heart Feel the Love There is a great awakening which is happening across the world and it is the process of ascension. In this awakening or ascension, you acknowledge the power of your light, and you connect back to spirit in the purest form of divine love. … Continue reading Great Awakening of Your Heart

Life is a Roller Coaster

13th June, 2018

Life is a Roller Coaster: Open Your Heart and Enjoy the Ride As your soul travels through life, you may stop and wonder, why you have challenges and hard times? If love is the answer to every challenge, why are these difficult experiences necessary? There is a simple answer and a more complicated yet inspiring … Continue reading Life is a Roller Coaster