Soul Numbers – Awaken to 1111

24th April, 2018

Soul Numbers – Your Soul is Awakening: What Does 1111 Mean? Numbers are energy and they are a method for your soul to receive communication from the divine. If you see repetitive number sequences, your angels and guides may be sending you messages. As you notice these numbers, you may wonder what do they mean?...

Dear Soul – The New Earth – Lord Maitreya

19th April, 2018

Dear Soul – The New Earth – Lord Maitreya Dear Soul, Now it is time. It is time for me to speak to you and let you know what is happening across the earth. There is a big change coming. Parts of the change have already started. The full effects of what is to comeRead more about Dear Soul – The New Earth – Lord Maitreya...

Finding Love and Peace on Earth

13th April, 2018

Your Heart and Soul Shine Peace on the World: The Golden Streets of Love Have you ever thought about what finding peace means? Maybe your search for peace has led you to wonder where heaven, nirvana, eternal peace, or infinite love resides. Heaven or this sense of eternal peace is not a place, itRead more about Finding Love and Peace on Earth...

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