Releasing Fear From Your Soul

24th October, 2017

Fear is the Heavy Baggage of Your Soul, So Lighten Your Load How do you let go of all the old baggage? You know what I am talking about. The old junk that you carry around and have traveled many miles with in an adventure through your life. Fear can be part of that old...

Your Soul is a Rocket Ship

20th October, 2017

Awakening to the Rocket Ship of Light That is Your Soul When you begin to listen to your soul, you awaken to your soul gifts, and have a deep desire and motivation to share your gifts with other souls. It is an amazing feeling to awaken to who you are, to connect back to divineRead more about Your Soul is a Rocket Ship...

Words in Your Energy Field

19th October, 2017

Words are Like Daggers to You, So Choose Them Wisely How do you talk to yourself every day? Do you use negative words and phrases more often than the positive? When you are speaking to yourself, the words that you choose are detrimental to your happiness, your self-esteem, your success, your health, and most ofRead more about Words in Your Energy Field...

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