My Angel Story

A few years ago, in the summer of 2016, I experienced a soul awakening and began to communicate with angels. I asked for help in healing my soul, and the angels assisted in bringing in healing light and love to mend my soul. Since that day, I continue to work with angels and archangels in my healing work with clients. I am always learning more about angels and the great deeds which they perform in support of our soul missions.

You can ask for guidance from angels in any area of your life. If you need to build your soul strength, develop more courage, or heal an old wound, angels work with you to assist in whichever method works best for you. Archangels are healers and teachers who help souls and other angels as they lead the energy within the universe and beyond to love and light.

All About Angels:

  • Angels are everywhere and are with you helping you through life
  • Angels often send loving and healing energy to you
  • Angels love when you laugh, have fun, and enjoy life to the fullest
  • Angels listen to your soul and know when you need help
  • Angels are waiting for you to ask them for guidance if needed

All About Spirit Guides:

  • Spirit guides are spirits who may be family members or friends you have known in any lifetime
  • Spirit guides like to specialize and work with you on a specific area or stage of your life
  • Spirit guides are your biggest cheerleaders as they help you through soul growth
  • Spirit guides allow you free will to make your own choices with gentle nudges towards your path
  • Spirit guides communicate to you through your intuition or soul guidance system

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Archangels work with you while you journey in this life as they assist you with their unique gifts. Although all archangels can perform any task, they often specialize in specific areas. They may help you find strength or courage, develop more self-love and forgiveness, heal at the soul level through light energy, overcome challenges, connect to your intuitive power, and identify your soul path. You can call on your angels and archangels at any time through prayer, meditation, or even by writing notes to them. They are always by your side and ready to shine their light so that you can shine your light too!

Angel Reading:

In an angel reading, through the higher wisdom of angels, archangels, guides, and ascended masters, I connect to your energy frequency and your questions regarding career path, wellness, and spirituality. My focus during these readings is on your true soul path and soul mission. I provide intuitive guidance on your strengths, your soul power, methods for improving your own intuitive gifts, and direction on overcoming obstacles and focusing your energy on positive intentions towards your dreams. I connect to your energy frequency through my intuitive senses and gather further guidance from various oracle, energy, and angel cards and crystals.

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