Pam Barosh is an author, intuitive, energy and life coach, and speaker who has dedicated her life to spreading messages of love and hope.

My Story

When I was younger, I had an intuitive gift and deeper knowing about life beyond our world. I spent most of my life working in jobs that disconnected me from this intuition until the day that I became seriously ill. It was at that time when I began to open the communication pathways to a more spiritual understanding of life once again and learned how to listen to my own intuition and to angels, spirit guides, and spiritual leaders. Through this self-discovery process, I found my true mission in life, to help others to find the path to love.

Since that transitional time in my life, I have embraced my gifts and am now living in my light as I help other souls find their mission, heal their hearts and their souls, and open the doorway to the wisdom that is within them. I am now awakened to the importance of positive energy, love, faith, hope, and peace, and through the information on this website, I hope to connect other hearts and souls in raising the energy vibration of the planet and to living in the healing state of love.