Peel Away the Layers of Your Soul

26th March, 2018


More Than What You See in the Mirror: Peel Away the Layers of Your Soul to See You

Have you ever looked in the mirror one day and wondered who am I? You see the physical you, but who is the spiritual you, the soul you? You are more than a physical body, you are an energetic light being, you are a soul with unique quirks and gifts which only you shine forth in the world.

If you have been busy with life moving swiftly from one task to the next, you may have missed seeing your soul. You may have tuned out the whispers which emanate from the brightest light of love in you. It is okay now to look and acknowledge the beauty of you.

Underneath the Layers Around Your Soul

Underneath the layers around your soul, you see the real you. Within the space of your soul, you see there is happiness, there is peace, and there is love. Even if you have spent years hiding the real you, it is safe to be you, it is safe to shine your light.

Something magical happens when you acknowledge and release the layers of fears, guilt, and regrets, and instead stand in your own soul light in each moment of your life. You become the you which the world needs. Stand strong, stand in your power, and know that you have the strength in your soul to be you in this world.


Be Proud to Be the Soul You

The universe is beside you cheering you on as you release the old energetic layers and weave the new energy of your soul. Within the infinite existence of love, your soul has always known what you deserve in this life and in every lifetime. Peel back the layers, see your soul, and be proud to be you. The world is waiting to see the light in your soul.