Let the Universe Surprise Your Soul

02nd March, 2018


Awaken to Your Soul Destiny and Allow Each Moment to Bring in Energy from the Universe

Life is full of plans, schedules, and predictions for what is coming next. You may spend your days making appointments, worried about how you will do it all, and in those moments, you may even wonder when your abundance train is coming.

There may be times when you feel inpatient and question the plans that the universe has for you, for your soul. You stand in your light, and you wait, you wait for the destiny that you have always been searching for, but cannot seem to find.

Energy Leads to Your Soul Destiny

The energy that you are creating is leading you to your destiny, but this destiny is not far away, it is in each moment as you appreciate the joy and love in your soul. You may wish that you could have the answers before you get to the next step in your journey, but know and trust that the universe brings you exactly what you need and are ready for as you travel your path.

The Universe Has a Surprise for Your Soul

Beyond your own dreams for what you wish for in this life, the energy of love that reaches to the farthest space and is in each molecule of your soul, an even greater surprise is around the corner. Each breath you take in this life, paints a picture of your soul, and brings you more surprises that are worth waiting for.


Be patient soul, you are where you need to be, and where you are going is even grander than you could ever imagine. Keep believing, keeping dreaming, and the energy of your soul will carry you forward. Your dreams are already here as you live in the light of love.