Fun Twist to Soul Gratitude

16th March, 2018


How to Put Fun and Creativity into Soul Gratitude

In the land of positive thinking, gratitude frequently comes into the conversation as one of the keys to creating more positive energy and shifting out of circumstances which no longer feed your soul. Implementing gratitude in your life is simple even if it seems difficult at first.

Don’t worry, there are no teachers waiting to grade your gratitude homework. Life is as easy or challenging as you believe. Let go of the stress of life and know that gratitude is a fun adventure for your soul which connects you back to the spiritual realm.

There is No Wrong Way to Gratitude

There are many methods for expressing gratitude, and there is no wrong or right way for you to connect to this energy and express thanks for the many things, people, and opportunities in your life. You get to choose what feels right to you. How often do you express your gratitude for even the small things in life?

Gratitude is Everywhere

If you look around, there are many pieces of gratitude everywhere. Be thankful for the air you breathe and for waking up to a new day from which you can smile, laugh, and share love with others. Be thankful for the beauty of your soul and for the gifts you bring to the world. Be thankful for your strength and the faith in your heart which carves out your path forward. Have fun with gratitude, and the energy of abundance in the universe finds you.


8 Fun and Creative Soul Gratitude Techniques:

  1. Sit under a tree or out in nature with a journal and write down gratitude statements. Have even more fun by using pretty ink colors, stickers, stamps, photos, or anything that brings your gratitude journal to life.
  2. Silently recite gratitude statements while exercising. You can have fun with this by choosing your favorite activities like bicycling, yoga, swimming, bowling, basketball, or walking. Be creative and choose an activity that taps into the positive energy of your soul.
  3. Brighten the mundane by including gratitude statements in your normal daily routine. Silently or out loud speak your gratitude while making breakfast, driving to work, or standing in line at the store. These statements then create positive energy flow throughout your day.
  4. Start and begin each day with gratitude. You place a huge frequency shift towards positive energy if you begin and end each day with gratitude. You don’t even need to get out of bed for this one, and the bonus is that you might just fall asleep at night a little faster while you recite your thanks for the day.
  5. Pictures speak louder than words in gratitude. When you begin to see gratitude as beyond the typical statements of gratitude using words, then you allow your soul to use your imagination and paint, draw, or sew your way to gratitude. With every stroke of your brush, connect to the ways in which your soul is grateful, and you create a powerful trail of positive energy.
  6. Feel your gratitude from your heart and soul. Your soul “feelings” create energy, and it is this energy which gives birth to the gratefulness found in your heart. Allow these feelings to flow into a place of infinite gratitude. You find this by being the authentic you in each moment.
  7. Meditate with the power of gratitude. The next time you meditate, include gratitude statements during the mediation. The thankfulness you express during these meditations directly connects you with divine energy and a feedback energy system forms as you say thanks and the universe gives you a hug.
  8. Express your gratitude with a friend, family member, or coworker. Find a gratitude buddy and spend time either in person, over the phone, or through email and exchange your gratitude statements. Imagine the fun in sharing with another person and seeing the world through their eyes. In the process, you may just realize the many expressions of gratitude.

Gratitude is the fun part of life because it allows your soul to be you, to be creative, and to find the joy that is possible every day. Start saying thanks in a way that speaks to your soul, and you find the treasure of your soul within the infinite universe.