Teaching an Old Soul New Tricks

16th February, 2018


Open to New Energy as Your Soul is Always Expanding and Learning

There are many souls who have been through several lifetimes and even a multitude of experiences within this current lifetime. Maybe you are one of those souls. You feel like you have been here before, and you have grown weary and tired from all the lessons and the challenges.

Your Soul is the Light of Change

It may not seem to make sense at times, but you do still have a lot to learn and share. As your energy interacts with other souls, they too learn from your experiences. Your light travels with you and changes the energy everywhere you go.


Soul Expansion

Open to the possibilities of soul expansion. Even if you have been through many challenging moments in life, know that your soul and the universe have important plans for your mission. There are so many things that you are here to do. You are here to bring your infinite love energy and create a higher consciousness. You are here to connect, to create, and to be you.

You Are Still Growing, Old Soul

Old souls are still here to expand, learn, and grow. Regardless of your physical age, your soul experiences, and the path you have traveled, it is never too late to make changes in this lifetime, to live from more passion and joy, to experience more loving relationships, and to find a more balanced energy state.

Let Your Soul Explore and Play

Even if you align with your passion and mission and have established relationships and hobbies, don’t be afraid to try new things. In this lifetime on Earth there are so many things to explore, many memories to create, and fun experiences to keep you on your toes. You may be an old soul, but the inner child within your soul knows that you need to play sometimes, to laugh often, and to be free to be you. Go out and have fun, be creative, do something new, and know that you are designing your soul for many lifetimes and explorations.