Love is Everywhere

14th February, 2018


Finding Love in the Daily Routine Called Life

Today is Valentine’s Day. There is a lot of love energy flowing as you connect to loved ones, friends, and to precious moments of joy. Yes, today you see hearts, flowers, candy, and all the typical things associated with love. Beyond today, where else is there love in your life? Maybe you have passion for your career or a cause you believe in or maybe you find love in helping a stranger, volunteering, or listening to a friend who needs a comforting ear.

Love is Everywhere, Waiting

Love is present in your life every day if you keep your energy open to the possibilities. Everywhere around you the frequency of love is waiting for you. Love wants you to be free from anything that has ever kept you from experiencing peace and harmony. Love wants you to know that it is for everyone. You deserve love. You are love.


Daily Doses of Love

In your daily life, within the routines and the schedules, find those moments when you can accept love in your energy field. Let go of past pain, judgments, and guilt, let everything drift away. You are always free to take a chance and connect to love. Today and every day take a chance on love for it is in that leap of faith in which your soul experiences a true balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Your soul remembers in that moment the importance of why you came to this life and travels back home to the origins of love, the creation of your soul.

Daily Love:

  1. Do What Makes You Happy – Choose one activity every day that brings in more happiness to your life.
  2. Talk Lovingly To Yourself – Use positive words to uplift your soul and appreciate the beauty of you.
  3. Be Free – Let go of guilt or what you think you “should” be doing. Believe that you are enough.
  4. Find the Fun – Your daily life does not have to be boring. Find the fun, the funny, and the hilarious in the smallest moments.
  5. Meditate and Release – Allow your soul to connect to your spiritual team and receive divine love.

You deserve love on Valentine’s Day and every day. Happy love day!