Don’t Let Perfectionism Stop Your Dreams

04th February, 2018


Stop Trying to Be Perfect: Moving Forward With Your Soul Dreams By Just Being You

I have a confession to make. I am a recovering perfectionist. For many years, I did not see myself that way. Instead, I saw myself as more of an overachiever, a highly motivated and driven individual. I continued to push myself hard because I reasoned with myself that it was normal to do so.

Everywhere I looked I saw other people checking off lists and boasting of their achievements, promotions, titles, and degrees. Unfortunately, the way the world moves at such a fast pace in business and daily life leads to the promotion of this type of thinking: that we all need to be perfectly reaching goals and molding ourselves into the ultimate human being to reach the dream career, relationships, and opportunities.

Your Soul is Perfectly Imperfect

The problem is this: each of us is a unique soul and when you strive for perfection you are really saying that something is wrong with who you are in any given moment. The energy of the soul for the experience that you design in each lifetime is perfectly imperfect. What I mean by this is there is a reason for the imperfections in life, and it is these imperfections that make your soul perfect.

Your soul is perfect for you. Your soul is perfect for the universe. It is not the perfect achievements and the accolades that determine the path to your soul dreams. Yes, along the way you may notice certain milestones and rewards, but never let the need for perfection in every decision you make stop you from moving forward.

Accept and Love Your Soul

Look perfection right in the eye, and instead choose to accept your soul. Love your soul. Let your soul know that the world needs your unique gifts, and it might be too late if you wait for the right time.

Start being you, the perfectly imperfect you, even if it means you need to stand with courage in front of others and say, “this is me right now, and I love who I am.” As you stand in your own space of acceptance, others notice. They remove their masks, and underneath you see their real soul. They too let go of the need for perfection.

When you truly begin to love and accept who you are it becomes easy to walk down the path to your soul dreams. There is an effortless joy with knowing that you never have to try hard again to be a title, to fit into a mold, or to pretend that the achievements completed your soul. Your soul is then free to wake up every day and just be you, and that is beautiful.