Dear Soul – Growth of Your Soul – Mother Mary

26th February, 2018


Dear Soul – Growth of Your Soul

Dear Soul,

Your soul is growing in this lifetime on earth. This is a time for great changes and for your soul to find the love that has always been a part of your soul. This love connects you back to the spark of energy that was from your creation. Your love created you, and it is this same love that carries you forward in other existences. Open your heart to this energy of love as it is in the heart that your feelings can guide you to what is true for your soul.

Your heart is like a flower blossom that wants to open to dance, sing, laugh, and love. Within this blossom are many intricate details of who you are, of your soul path, of the depths of the universe, and of the connections to your soul family. As you begin to open your heart, for now is a time for many hearts to connect to love, you will begin to see these details that you have hidden away, forgetting who you are as a soul, blind to the real you that is eternal. Your soul, interwoven with other souls, shows you the universal wisdom that all are the creator.

You are not separate souls, you are light beings of love that when united shine the brightest light, and in this light, is where you find peace. In peace, there is no suffering, there is no fear, and there is no pain. You are all children of this light, and as you hold hands together, the love grows. As the love grows, your hearts blossom into the beautiful flower of you. There is a beauty within you that is so pure, that only light can shine.

As you begin to remove the parts of you that do not align with this pure light of love, you will clearly see that the shadows were never yours, they were only what you thought you had to be. Forgive your soul and let the guilt go. You do not need to feel in this way, you do not need to suffer. It is time for your soul to grow, to grow past the old you, to embrace the new you, to live with love in your heart, and to love your soul exactly as you are in each moment. It is time to free your soul and fly.

When you are in times of sorrow, when you become lost or confused, or are needing comfort, reach out to me and speak to me as though I am beside you because I do walk with you always from within your heart. No soul is ever alone. You are all connected to each other on earth and to spirits and angels of the spirit world. The earth is a stage for which you have forgotten that you direct the play of your life. You are the creator of your life.

You existed before you came to earth. You are a light being of love energy, and through love, anything is possible for you to create. You are a spirit and soul first, you are a spirit and soul always. You live forever in the consciousness of the universe and the dimensions of infinite love.

Connect with love through your heart and send this love to your soul, nurture your soul, and accept your soul. Connect with love to other souls and raise the energy to the greatest frequency as it is in this frequency that all souls heal. Growth of your soul will lead you to this healing. Let your soul grow towards the light of love.

Love and Light,

Mother Mary