Stop Waiting to be You

19th January, 2018


How to Let Go of the Past and Start Living Your Life For You

The other day I was thinking about the soul transformation that I had gone through in the last year and how I stepped on to the spiritual path that aligns with my soul. Not that long ago, completely tuned out to my soul needs and afraid to change my life to follow my soul mission, I stood on the edge of indecision. I knew that something did not feel right. I knew that every day I got up and went to a job that did not fulfill me I was slowly dying inside. I needed a change, and I needed a change fast.

Soul Transformation is a Journey

I did not get the chance to make that quick change because my body gave out on me. My soul could not take the days of tight deadlines at work, the sense that I had a bigger calling in life, and that I had so much more to give to the world. My body collapsed, and I spent the next year climbing out of the shadows of a terrible illness that forced me to wake up, be present, and bring in more light in my life. It was a slow journey. I had to be patient. I could not rush the process of soul transformation. The universe and my angels and guides knew that I had lessons to learn, and it was these lessons which inspired me to spend the rest of my life spreading messages of love and hope.

Live For Love Not Fear

In this process of change, there are times when you start to wonder what is around the bend. You start to fall back into old habits and feel those tiny sparks of fear that want to take over and tell you that you are not ready, that you are not good enough to remain on the journey. When I start to feel those small doubtful moments, I try my best to chase them away and remind myself how far I have come. I acknowledge that I still have so much more to learn in life, that there are more lessons up ahead, and I must carry on with love in my heart not fear.

Be You Now

I waited my entire life to be the real me, and I almost did not get the chance. I am here for a reason. I am here to help those that are just starting their journey of soul transformation. I am here to be a leader on this adventure called life. I want to remind everyone how powerful they are in recovering from anything, how strong they are within their souls to shine past the fears. I fought for my life, so that I could give back and bring more love in the world. Live each moment being the real you. Do not wait another day, the time to be you is now.

Here is a list to help your soul be you and live life from your soul.

Be You Fun List:

  1. Do what makes you happy
  2. Find many times to laugh
  3. Remain close with friends and support each other
  4. Relax and have fun
  5. Allow time for silence and personal reflection
  6. Spend time in nature connecting to the earth and animals
  7. Make each moment count
  8. Be the best version of you, the soul you
  9. Show your unique gifts
  10.   Live for love in your heart
  11.   Try everything, take a chance

Let me know how you are living your life from your soul and bringing more joy, fun, and love in your life.