Getting Stuck in Energy Patterns

10th January, 2018


Transform the Energy Patterns in Your Life to Open the Door to Abundance

Have you ever had a day where everything seems to go wrong or not according to plans? Have you ever asked the question, “why does this always happen to me?” Energy is everywhere and there are energy patterns that you create as you interact with people, places, and events. The brain likes to drive the energy of the soul, but this often leads to false beliefs and assumptions. When you let your soul drive, the directions lead you away from getting stuck in old cycles of energy that replay negative thoughts and beliefs.

Change Your Energy Patterns and You Change Your Life

1. Identify the Energy Pattern

If you want to get out of old energy patterns or negative beliefs, then you first need to identify the ways in which you repeat your thinking, form conclusions about decisions and experiences, and hold on to outdated beliefs and habits. Start taking an inventory and notice any habits or thoughts that you may have continued to use throughout your life even though they are not allowing for your soul to expand and live a life filled with peace and abundance. Decide which of these energy patterns you would like to change and then your soul can transform this energy by simply choosing to create new energy patterns. You create new patterns every time you connect to your soul and live from the highest energy frequency of love. When you love your soul first, the choices you make align with energy that creates patterns in your life towards abundance.

2. Observe Your Emotional Needs

Emotions can lead to stuck energy patterns when emotional energy becomes unbalanced. When you are afraid to express yourself at the soul level and keep emotions buried inside, this creates a state of stagnation and prevents your soul from moving forward in life. If you release excessive emotional responses, then this causes the energy to become chaotic and plants the seeds for impatience and frustration. Observe your emotional needs and how they are affecting your soul. If you allow your emotions to create energy patterns, your soul will remind you that you are not in alignment with the highest light energy. Balance your emotions by trusting that your soul is the compass to your life.

3. Your Soul Has the Power to Change

You can change your energy patterns. It does not matter how long you experienced stagnant old energy. When you make the decision to change, your soul listens and knows which path to travel. The hardest step of transforming your energy is taking the first step towards the new energy. Once you step into this new energy and who you are at the soul level, something magical happens, your energy magically connects to the abundance of the universe destined for EVERY soul.

Listen to Your Soul for the Answers

The energy of your soul is a guide to you in every step of your life if you choose to listen. Your soul tells you when your energy becomes unbalanced, when you need a break, or when you have done too much or when you need to start moving towards your soul path. When you listen carefully, abundance flows effortlessly. Your soul is waiting for you to connect back to the light of your soul and live with positive energy patterns that create an abundance of happiness, peace, and love. This is not a fairy tale, it is real, and it is the energy that is waiting for you. Reach out to the energy of your soul and your soul will thank you.