Creating New Soul Energy Routines

29th January, 2018


Creating Powerful Soul Energy Routines Which Lead You to Your Goals

Life is full of opportunities to create routines, habits, and to set goals for your soul mission. Using clear intentions that take your soul towards what you desire is the key to smoothly flowing with the energy. Part of the process of setting soul intentions requires you to trust that your soul is on a journey, and there are lessons to learn along the way before you complete your mission.

Awareness of Soul Routines and Habits

Awareness of the routines and habits from which you live your life every day connects your soul to the routines which work well and those that maybe need transformation or redesigning.

Check in with your soul every now and then and decide if what you are doing works for your highest good. Are the choices you are making and your habits and routines directing your energy flow into the direction of your goals and ultimately your soul mission?

Change and Realign the Energy

You can make changes to get back on track. You may only need to make small adjustments to realign with the energy path for your soul, but even if you need to make larger changes, know that the changes you make are positive and connect you to the energy that is beneficial for you.

How to Know if You Need to Adjust Your Energy Routine and Realign the Energy of Your Soul Path

1. Peace of Soul

Do you still feel connected and peaceful in your soul? If without a doubt you still feel a sense of calm and peace surrounding your soul path and the energy routines that are creating your path, then continue down your path. If you feel your soul calling in a slightly different direction, acknowledge that energy shift, and make small changes to see how it feels.

Take the time your soul needs to find the next energetic step that you need to move along your soul mission, but don’t hold yourself back when you know the decision. There is a time when the soul knows it is time to change or move on to something new.

2. Sense of Something Missing

If your soul feels that there is a component of your soul path that is missing or you find yourself slipping into boring energy routines that do not allow for your soul to grow and learn, then it is time to shake things up! Don’t be afraid to take a chance and put a twist on the old energy by learning a new skill, taking a trip to a place you have never been before, or making new friends.

Sticking with the same routines may seem safe, but your soul needs new challenges, and this allows you to stretch a little and see how bright your light can shine.

3. Energy Drain

Are you taking on too many projects and responsibilities leaving little time to achieve soul energy balance? Finding balance and harmony of the soul requires some planning and coordination. If you always put your own needs last, then you bet they will be.

Take time every day and every week to take care of your soul first. Establish your boundaries and stand up for your own needs in a loving manner. If you let others know your soul needs ahead of time, then you set your soul up for successful energy alignment. This also reminds YOU that you need to take care of yourself. Schedule time for your soul, and you can avoid energy drain.

4. Uncertainty

Do you feel stuck, but cannot decide which way to go? When your soul gets to a point of uncertainty, it is not the unknown that is keeping your soul energy in place, it is the known, the overabundance of choices. You become afraid to make a choice thinking that if you make the wrong choice you cannot take a better path later.

Know this: until you begin to try different choices, you may never make one. Instead of letting your energy stagnate in this unclear sense of direction, start down the first option that feels the most connected to your soul energy. Even if you decide later to adjust your choice, you kept your soul moving in the process and maybe even made new soul connections along the way.

Awareness is the Key to Your Soul

You can change your energy routines and realign your soul with small changes, by reaching out to try new activities, make new connections with others, and reassessing what is important to your soul. Become more aware of the nuances of your soul needs, and assess the energy routines in your life when you need to improve your energy flow. Taking a few minutes to connect with your soul is all you need to get back to living as the best you.