How do You Limit Your Soul?

02nd November, 2017


Release Limitations From Your Soul and You Will Reveal a New Universe of You

In the process of awakening to your soul, identifying limitations becomes an important part of the soul journey. Limitations are heavy energy for your soul. As you reflect on the ways that you hold yourself back from shining your light, from achieving your dreams, and from trying on every sparkle of energy that can be yours if you just reach out for it, acknowledge your limitations and then release them. This is part of the soul journey.

Freeing is Seeing Your Soul

Along your journey, your soul discovers the freedom of choice, and you begin to see yourself for the first time. It is freeing to finally release your mind, release your soul from the burdens that you have carried. When you go through this process of releasing, you transform your soul, and you open your energy field to opportunities, growth, and prosperity.

You Are Reborn Into the Universe

In this moment of transformation, your soul is reborn, and you connect to the universe that has always been present within your soul. You begin to peacefully hold onto prosperity, abundance, positive energy, and the freedom to be you. It is within this peace, that your soul shines the brightest, and it is where you will find the infinite you.