Your Soul is a Rocket Ship

20th October, 2017


Awakening to the Rocket Ship of Light That is Your Soul

When you begin to listen to your soul, you awaken to your soul gifts, and have a deep desire and motivation to share your gifts with other souls. It is an amazing feeling to awaken to who you are, to connect back to divine love and light, and to connect to everything in this world and beyond through your soul and through the energy of your heart.

Once you have done the serious soul searching, there will be a tipping point when you can no longer contain your enthusiasm, and it is at that moment when your light will rocket you towards your mission.

Mission: Rocket Ship

Your mission is to be the rocket ship so that others can see the brilliant light that you shine, and then they too can find the light in their soul as well. The sky becomes so brilliantly lit up with this divine light that your soul finds love on every corner, in every adventure, in every heart, and in every soul.

Your Soul is Ready

If you think you are not ready to send your light out for others to see, then pause for a moment of silence, gather your courage, the courage that is within, and then let your soul soar towards the infinite love that has always been and always will be within you and is you. Your soul is ready. You are light, you are love, and you are ready to rocket towards your connection to love.