Words in Your Energy Field

19th October, 2017


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Words are Like Daggers to You, So Choose Them Wisely

How do you talk to yourself every day? Do you use negative words and phrases more often than the positive? When you are speaking to yourself, the words that you choose are detrimental to your happiness, your self-esteem, your success, your health, and most of all, your energy.

Your energy is everything because the energy that is you is what attracts opportunities and people into your life, and your energy it is what determines the love that you express towards yourself and your ability to find happiness and peace.

Words, Thoughts, and Emotions Matter

What happens when your energy field becomes clogged and polluted with negative words, thoughts, and emotions? You will begin to feel drained energetically, and your thoughts will drift more and more to the negative words stuck in your energy field. It is easy to become so busy with life and not notice the negative energy that you are carrying in the form of words, but these words are dangerous to you, your health, and your happiness.

Clean Out Your Energy Field

Living in a positive state becomes difficult when your energy field becomes crowded with so much negative junk, but it is possible to clean out the junk. It all begins with acknowledging the negative patterns that you have created. Then it becomes possible for you to let go of the old ways of speaking and thinking, so that you can make room for the new.

Positive Energy Words

The words that you choose are important, and if you choose more loving words when speaking to yourself and in conversations with others then you are taking one step towards creating a positive energy flow in you and in others. Choose to spread positive words of love, and love energy will overflow in your life!