Releasing Fear From Your Soul

24th October, 2017


Fear is the Heavy Baggage of Your Soul, So Lighten Your Load

How do you let go of all the old baggage? You know what I am talking about. The old junk that you carry around and have traveled many miles with in an adventure through your life. Fear can be part of that old baggage. Some of the fear is from disappointments, some of it is from the lack of courage, but almost all fear originates from pain or at least a circumstance or event that felt painful. So, what felt painful in your life? Start to acknowledge that pain, so that you can find the origin of fear in your life.

Carry the Energy of Love, Peace, and Courage

When you travel back to an earlier time in your life, were there pivotal points that led you to start being a less courageous soul? Starting today, I want you to consider that you have carried the fears from that moment in time for way too long. You have carried a heavy burden, and it is time to lighten your load. You are a strong soul, this is true, but you don’t have to carry the energy of fear. What if you instead carried the energy of love, peace, or courage? The energy that you carry forward in your life matters because the energy of light leads you down an easier path, one meant for you and that supports your soul.

Release Your Soul Fears and Live in the Present

Begin to remove the fears that have held you down for so long. Let these fears float away and release from your soul for you are a soul that wants to live in the light and that wants to fill your path with love. When you do this, you will find your present moment is the most precious commodity, and in the present, there is only love, and you are free. You are free to be the soul that YOU want to be.